16 year old Teen Gang Raped At Rave in Pitt Meadows

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    VANCOUVER — There was barely concealed anger and loathing as RCMP officers issued an appeal Thursday for persons to stop downloading and file-sharing graphic photos made early Saturday morning showing a 16-year-old girl — likely drugged — being gang-raped by a group of seven males in a field outside Vancouver.

    "I've been involved in investigating sexual assaults for many years. In that time I've never experienced anything like what is occurring in this investigation," said Sgt. Jennifer Hyland who is leading the investigation. She said copies of the images have been "spreading like wildfire."

    "The very public discussion about this victim and the taking and subsequent sharing of photos depicting this rape is disgusting, morally corrupt and criminal," she said.

    Hyland was clearly upset and frustrated that the police have been unable to prevent the girl, who required medical attention following the rape, from being re-victimized by the distribution of the photos. The images were taken by a youth who is facing a number of charges for his alleged part in the rape and the subsequent production and distribution of child pornography.

    The images were posted on YouTube within hours of the assault and were removed when police became aware of them Sunday. However, copies had been downloaded and have since gone into circulation.

    "I want to be clear about this. What happened after this incident and continues to happen is beyond disgusting," Hyland said. "Those photos are child pornography. They have been viewed, shared, saved and re-posted numerous times. This is an offence and is so socially corrupt it is sickening.

    "The posting and viewing of photos is continuing to victimize the young girl and her family and needs to stop."

    Hyland said police were desperate to help the girl overcome the effects of the rapes — and the dissemination of the rape imagery was preventing this.

    Asked how the victim was, Hyland said she wasn't doing too well. Police report that they've received complaints from a number of parents whose children had been shown the images and had come home crying and upset.

    The rapes in a field behind a house in an isolated rural area — known to police as a party house — occurred at about 1 a.m. Saturday during a rave attended by hundreds of youths and adults.

    The victim had become separated from her friends and is believed to have been given a date rape drug, said Insp. Derren Lench.

    "This was a gang rape by several males who took advantage of a female who couldn't consent, was drugged and had no opportunity to defend herself. She was taken to a field by several males who raped her. It was an horrific act," Lench said.

    The girl suffered significant injuries from what police described as an aggressive series of assaults involving between five and seven males that lasted 20 minutes.

    Tickets to the rave had been sold online and there is confusion about whether the police were informed about the rave in advance. According to Lench, the police had no information the party was going to occur that night and they received no complaints Friday night "that would lead us to attend the property."

    He said police had believed the rave was set for Saturday night and patrols visited the house Saturday evening, but found nothing going on.

    "On the Saturday night we did get a call that a party might occur and our members made numerous patrols and determined there was no party going on. It wasn't until a few days later that we found out the party occurred on the Friday when the rape occurred," said Lench.

    Police discovered details of the rape only after a person who recognized the victim came in and told officers that images of her being raped were on YouTube.

    Officers went out and found the victim on Sunday. She was receiving medical care for her injuries.

    Const. Aaron Lloyd said the images of some of the rapists would allow police to identify them. With the exception of the photographer, no one else involved in the rape has been arrested, although police said they had leads on some of the alleged participants.

    Police are in the process of tracking down anyone who attended the rave. Lloyd said some of the people who were at the rave were co-operating with police, while others were not.

    Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward, Lloyd said.

    As for the owners of the property, they were not being co-operative and have so far refused to return phone calls, he said. Likewise, the two males police believe organized the rave have not come forward, he said.

    Vancouver Sun
  2. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Full Member

    Thats disgusting- how people would upload pictures and circulate the pictures. ugh.
  3. snguyen__

    snguyen__ Full Member

    omg... that's just horrific =/ can't believe there are people out there who can do such things uggh!!!
  4. ELLE

    ELLE Elite Member

    This reminds me of that event in the States at the high school dance. Girl was gang raped and people walked by and filmed it. DIDN'T BOTHER TO CALL THE POLICE at all...until she was brought to the hospital.

    Honestly, I hope they're found and then beaten alive by other people. Any ways, was reading that article last night and here's what the incentive is:
  5. paperfish

    paperfish Full Member

    Yeah, read this online and I was going wtf man. :angry:
    they say, within the gang, someone took pictures of this incident and have the nerves to post it online /distribute it -.-
  6. bijou

    bijou Full Member

    People are more outraged about child pornography than the abuse that this young lady experienced? That's like a WTF in itself.:angry:
  7. AmourDolce

    AmourDolce Full Member

    This is why it's so important to stick with your friends at parties!
    my drink was spiked before & thank god my friends were looking after me like angry hawks lol
    The guys that did it need to get their d**** chopped off.
  8. bijou

    bijou Full Member

    I'm glad for the girl that she's alive, but if that happened to me, I'd probably feel dead inside right about now. I hope she's getting counseling or help.

    The perpetrators involved should also be charged and given the maximum sentence and as well as a public flogging for fun. Just like the "fun" they had on Saturday night right? =)
  9. boo0ie

    boo0ie Full Member

    What the hell .... That's just disgusting and it sickens me. I hope karma bites them in the ass :mad:
  10. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    i seriously wish that could be a legal punishment, maybe in china or smthin :S
  11. blair

    blair Elite Member

    I'm equally disgusted at the fact that people need such a big incentive to help with this. =(
    Even though the girl survived she'll have to live with the emotional damage that this has dealt, hopefully the f*cking lowlifes that did this to her are brought to justice or are made to feel wut she felt.
  12. Fabulosity

    Fabulosity Full Member

    I'm horrified by all the crimes that seem to be on the rise, particularly sex crimes. Just the other day, I read about how a 34 year old woman was swarmed by about 5 teenaged boys. They beat and robbed her and one stayed behind to undress and sexually assault her. The guy was 17.
    These perpetrators are such dumbf*cks. It's unfortunate that we have to almost be in a constant state of paranoia to remain safe.
  13. bebex3

    bebex3 Full Member

    this whole incident just makes me sick to my stomach. i got goosebumps just reading this article. its really disgusting that people will go to that length and post videos on youtube and pictures on facebook. and for people that have it saved on their computers cell phones and are circulating it, you people are sick, why would you want to make this girl's life more miserable than it already is..
  14. festealth

    festealth Full Member

    Apparently there's some rumour circulating as well that it was consensual and it could be a fake rape charge.
    Not saying what happened was right/wrong (innocent until proven guilty), but I hope the entire detail comes out before any judgments are made.

    That being said, I think all sides should be sterilized to prevent them from spreading their genes to the next generations (guys for doing it to an underage kid, person for making/post child porn, girl for being stupid to let the situation happen in the first place).
  15. bebex3

    bebex3 Full Member

    ^ yea i heard that too, apparently people wrote that on facebook, but seriously who would be willing to get drugged and gang raped?
  16. festealth

    festealth Full Member

    Assuming it's proven that she was actually drugged. Being promiscuous isn't a crime.

    Plus, the timing seems a bit off. She was supposedly violated on Saturday, but only now the police are telling people to get rid of the image?
    If there was no rape kit done or blood samples taken immediately after the fact.... I dunno.... people usually don't wait a few days to report being raped.

    Of course, I have known women who did suffer from all the symptoms of consuming the "Date-rape" drug, and they cannot prove nor deny anything happened.
  17. BCSparkyGirl

    BCSparkyGirl Full Member

    ^ This was in the paper today, and police said that was BS. Don't keep fueling a bad rumor.
  18. festealth

    festealth Full Member

    I'm not saying nothing wrong actually happened, but until all info comes out, it's still inappropriate to say, "Well, there are these photos... a bunch of guys on this 1 girl.... yep, guilty!"
    I mean, with all due respect, what else would the police say? "Oh geez, I guess there was no rape, ignore our plea, keep distributing the pictures"? The cops will have to be as PC as possible, they won't ever say the girl is potentially at fault in any way. Now I'm opening a can of worms here, but if the cops jump to the conclusion that those accused individuals are wrong and were actually innocent, the backlash wouldn't be as bad as claiming the girl is a fraud, but turns out she was completely honest.

    Lastly, I have not seen the pictures (nor would I wish to), so I cannot say whether it looked like she was forcefully coerced or not, but lets just say it's hard to be a victim when you're "having your share of bratwursts" or doing the reversed-cowgirl.
  19. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    perfect example why ppl shouldnt go to raves or clubs or w/e, esp underaged ppl.
  20. iPat

    iPat Full Member

    Poor girl. I want to know how people are able to hurt another human being like that. I wouldn't even slap anyone.
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