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  1. princessice

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    sry, i just got this email, so it\'s a little late (today is the last day).

    but if anyone needs a new cellphone, they\'re 50% off today from rogers. i think you need to sign for 3 years though.

    just print out the coupon and bring to rogers.

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  2. princessice

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    uhhh...does anyone know how i can post the entire coupon???
  3. princessice

    princessice Full Member

    ummm...i have to go to class, so if anyone wants a coupon, just leave a message and i\'ll email it to you or something k?
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    sorry for the late response..

    please send me the coupon and i\'ll help u post it.. my contact info is below :p thanks!

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    ***My apologizes.. this deal expired in March ***:blush:


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