Advice on Gifts from Vancouver bring to Hong Kong

Discussion in 'Travel' started by kqx, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. kqx

    kqx Full Member

    I might be going to hong kong next month. I would like to give some gifts from Vancouver bring to my friends for appreciation/help from Hong Kong.
    There are male and female around 20 - 28 age range. I want gifts that are unique and not too expensive. Any ideas? Wine? lol : ) Any ideas are appreciated! Thanks! :)
  2. I'mBringingPickles

    I'mBringingPickles Full Member

    you could give them something that canada is 'known for' like maple syrup, native art or something
  3. delster

    delster Full Member

    Unless you'd like to give them little souvenirs of Canada (I think Vancouver 2010 stuff would be great, and are on clearance), I would suggest just asking them what they would like. For example, I found that a lot of my friends overseas ask for cosmetics and candies that are a lot more expensive in their countries.

    Wine is also a good idea, there are many BC wines that are fairly inexpensive or you could plan a big group dinner when you arrive in Hong Kong and you can get a bottle of ice wine for the entire party :) I did a swap once on makeupalley from a woman in Hong Kong and she asked specifically about ice wine so I think BC ice wine has a reputation there
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  4. peppermint

    peppermint New Member

    make sure you think about transport, especially if you decide to take wine. You'll have to pack it in your check-in luggage and airports aren't exactly known for being gentle with suitcases
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  5. kqx

    kqx Full Member

    Ice wine???? Which brand? Would you suggest? :)
  6. unefille

    unefille Member

    I believe there is a limit on wine to be brought.
    Ice wine is low % and it no limit/more can be brought because of % (compared to wine)
    For younger girls at least, my relatives in TW love branded items like Coach anything.
    Maple syrup! The ones from specialty honey stores "Blueberry plant honey" etc.
    Food. Especially Junk food that can't be bought in HK
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  7. kqx

    kqx Full Member

    Nice idea! I think I might bring either honey or white wine. Just out of curiosity in Hong Kong do they sell "blueberry plant honey". What other junk food that can't be bought in Hong Kong?
  8. bluepenpal

    bluepenpal Full Member

    Sephora has this mini palette for Vancouver, you can get them for your makeup loving friends?

    There are no cheetoes in HK. Every year when ever our family go back to visit, the cousins always beg us for cheetoes.

    Get them something from Hollister/AE or even Aeropostale?
  9. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    chocolate is good but make sure it doesn't melt!
  10. Cinnamee

    Cinnamee Member

    All my relatives in China/HK as for is ginseng >.<

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