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  1. HarajukuLover

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    Did anyone watch tonite\'s episode of America\'s Next Top Model? Who do u thinks gonna win? One of da model-hopefuls looks like ET lol. I think last season\'s winner Nicole is totally not top model material...blecH! And get a load of the arrogance on Jade! whew! lolzz. Wut do u guys think? :pinch: :dance: :pinch: :blink: :sick:

    The remainin contestants:


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  2. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i actually haven\'t watched today\'s episode yet!
    but i LOVE LOVE LOVE the show... yeah i know its just another one of those reality shows, but its so CATTY and ohhhh so great!

    i\'m not a big fan of gina...
    she seriously needs to get her personality straight.
    she\'s like crying all over the place on all the girls\' shoulders, and thats like the only time i get a peep out of her.
    i personally think that if they were gonna put an asian girl on the show, they could have done better.
    there must be more assertive, enthusiastic, edgy asian girls out there in the U.S.!!!
  3. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    well i complety agree about last seasons\' top model....i couldn\'t stand nicole.

    but for this season.....i agree that jade is a &*%#@ and needs to tone it down. it\'s one thing being confident and it\'s another to be COMPLETELY oblivious to everything

    i\'m not too sure who\'s gonna win yet.....i think i\'m gonna watch a few more episodes to figure out who i really like
  4. LuxeLife

    LuxeLife Full Member

    Totally!!! I agree with you Babyblues. It\'s one thing to be confident. Confidence is good. But there\'s a fine line between healthy confidence and borderline arrogance. And Jade is totally swaying towards annoying arrogance. Did you like how Janice Dickinson picked on Gina on yesterday\'s episode? I mean, Janice asked Gina who was picking on her. So what\'s Gina gonna do? Ignore Janice???!!? Don\'t think so! Obviously Gina\'s gonna answer Janice\'s question right? Then Janice backlashes at Gina for ratting out Jade. Janice even called Gina a B*TCH afterwards and then walked out of the room! ohmygawWWwwd!!! Janice is kool but she\'s definitely one hell of a biatch!
  5. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Ya Nicole from last season wuz so ordinary lookin. I seriously thot Nik would win (pix of Nik below). Can\'t believe Nicole won!

  6. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

    Oh I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THAT SHOW!! (even though the majority of my friends call me shallow [well.. rather jokingly] for watching ANTM)
    But anyway.Last season, i wasn\'t really a big fan of Nicole; I thought Nik should have won. Nicole, to me doesn\'t have the \"wow\" factor, she takes good pictures alright, but in person she doesn\'t shine. I still don\'t think by the end of the show her personality came through.
    Well...straight up i\'m not a big fan of Gina from the first day. She is not confident and is uncomfortable with her self-image. I mean I\'m Asian and I think there\'s gotta be a lot more asians girls out there who are edgy, confident, and fabulous. Not that Gina doesn\'t have potential, she just needs to get herself together and be DETERMINED. Jade is arrogant, but this is a competition, and Gina basically let Jade walk all over her and get under her skin until last night when she finally showed a bit of her personality by fighting back a little. None of her pictures has been striking or outstanding, and she is definitely the first one to freak out when faced with a challenge (the cockcroach incident) I mean from the first day I think she should be eliminated (i started having doubts when she was like \"i dont\' know what i want to do.. i think i\'m having identity crisis\" or something like her) Even her audition wasn\'t that great-- when she contradicted herself, saying how she\'s proud of her asian heritage, but would never date an asian guy..
    As for Janice, I think she\'s awesome (No offense, but i love her wayyyy better than Twiggy) Yeah I agree that.. she can be a b*tch sometimes but that\'s what you\'re gonna get with Janice.
    Anyhow, I haven\'t decided who is my favourite yet;I will watch a couple more episodes and figure it out. But so far I like Joanie and Danielle (for her personality) and Mollie Sue\'s look (like i love her hair and her eyes!!)
  7. i don\'t like gina. i\'m so glad she\'s off... with so little asian representation, she should\'ve done better. i mean thre are SO MANY MORE beautiful asian girls... that aren\'t like her. she\'s just so bleh. .. iunno who watched yesterdays show but for the challenge during hte judging, she was just awful. and sh keeps on saying she tries. :pinch:
  8. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    ya tries my ass, lol. she pretty much gave up with the test that they gave at elimination. now if i was up there, i\'d be fighting tooth and nail to NOT get kicked off.

    you\'ll be very interesting to see how Canada\'s Next Top Model turns out......and you know i NEVER even heard that they were taking nominations....a gf of mine would have been perfect!
  9. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Ya cookie_crumbs & babyblues, I agree witchu. It sher doesn\'t appear that Gina\'s been tryin with all that she\'s got to win this thing. See how she was figeting with that measuring tape when she was posin wit that male model? ur just supposed to go wit it and strike diff poses. Instead she looked like a confused mess. *sigh* Disappointing to see the first Asian girl on Top Models screw up so badly :(:huh: :dry: :unsure: :eek:hmy: :blush:
  10. mk04

    mk04 Full Member

    i agree its frustrating to see ppl with diff ethnicities screw it up, if anyone remembers on one of the previous seasons of america\'s next top model there was this indian girl who made it on. she messed up pretty badly too around the beginning... saying she wanted to manufacture textiles or something instead of model!! what an idiot, that got her eliminated right away!! anywho i still like the fact that atleast we get to see the faces of those girls on the show and they made it that far to represent the diff types of ppl... tho they\'re not doing a very good job!! wuda been nice if gina was smarter/knew what the hell she was doing:pinch:
  11. Jennalynn_5366

    Jennalynn_5366 New Member

    harujukulover: i don\'t think Gina is the first asian girl to be on the show, I\'m sure April was the frist one but if you\'re saying full-asian, then yes, she would be cuz April was half japanese and half white, i think.
  12. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    I bet the producers at ANTM throw in a few ethnicities such as Indian and Asian just to make the show look good. So they don\'t seem racist you know? Think about it, who usually wins? Either a black chick or a white chick. That\'s America for you.
  13. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    exactly, just like how they try and throw in a girl who\'s considered \"full figured\".....ummm they even said that the young blond that got voted off b4 gina was full figured.....ya, ok. lol

    but ya, they try and do that so they don\'t seem like they already have an idea of what america\'s next top model will look like.

    although, what about that girl who they now call the \"weird beauty\"?
  14. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah i agree bout throwing a few races in there too make it luk non racist...its a wonder y most are black or white..i mean comon americas got alot more coloured ppl then that!
  15. freestar

    freestar Full Member

    i love american next top and the conflicts i thought janis was really cool and stuff until like she picked on gina!! i mean she pratically had no confidence left in her at all ( thanks to the cocky jade!) and janis came along and made everything worse...what a b#@&$!!! haha yah..that episode kinda made me mad:angry:
  16. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    I agree with you freestar. The softspoken Gina was already in a vulnerable position with the overpowering Jade on her back. And Janice just stirred up more trouble with her big mouth. What an old bag she is!:angry: :pinch:
  17. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    Tomorrow I go to my friend house to watch and put post here :)
  18. Viv1985

    Viv1985 Full Member

    Did any body see yesterday episode of ANTM? Did you see Jade float around in the covergirl commercial? haha she look like she think she is a celebrity trying to look marvelus. Look so stupid. Furonda is ugly but her line was the best: Parties are predictable but your makeup doesnt have to be. So good! What do you think?
  19. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    first of all, i think that jade should have gotten kicked off and molly sue kept on. Jade didn\'t even DO what the whole commercial wanted her to do. even AFTER they told her to do it again and to adlib.

    She\'s completely clueless and she does play the \"blame game\"

    didn\'t you hear what she says after every \"test\" that they\'ve done. from the commercial, to the \"wild n out\" show, to the acting class.

    Jade quotation: \"if i was given more direction\"

    umm....sorry sweetie, they don\'t hold your hand as a model and coach you through telling you what they want.

    i really hope she gets kicked off soon
  20. ughs i keep on mising it! does anyone know when thereruns are?!

    april was so gorgeous.. like one of the most gorgous asians i\'ve seen on western television shows. i remember one time i was watching tyra banks.. and she said how the panel of jduges, each have equal say in the vote and stuff. but i think bottom line, they do what\'s best for the show. like last yr.. nicole.. and i forgot the other girls name, anyways, everyone i talked to thought the other girl would win, and nicole came out as antm. i was kinda shocked, couldn\'t believe it. they probably do it for ratings. :side:

    and i know this is kinda off topic.. but the tyra banks show is just getting lame. :pinch: sorry to her fans.

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