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    Hello! currently has 40% off regular priced items right now for their 4th of July sale (promo code july40). I'm very interested in ordering from their site and would like to know how your shopping experience was before I order. I would also like to know if they charge taxes/duties if you were to ship to Canada and how long do shipments normally take?
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    I've had very good experiences with Tobi. The charges for shipping to Canada are really high though, I think it was going to be $40 when I tried to ship a jacket to my house and it's shipped by UPS so for sure you're going to paying duties and handling and brokerage fees on top (which is sometimes in excess of the items you're purchasing). Your best bet is to ship to somewhere like The Letter Carrier in Pt. Roberts. likes this.
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    I love tobi! But as mentioned I think shipping was expensive, so I usually ship it to the border.​ likes this.
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    I wanted to avoid going to the border just because I'm not buying anything else at the moment. I think shipping to Canada is actually free now because when I tried to checkout it was $0 for international airmail and $29 for expedited. But I would hate to get dinged with duties >.< Still debating!

    How's the sizing and the quality of the clothes? I'm normally an xxs/xs for aritzia clothing so would the small be too big? Their models are super skinny though!
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    They're sizing is big for the "unknown" brands. I fit XS at Aritzia and small is slightly loose.

    I did a detailed review on the stuff I got at Tobi, so check that out if you're wondering about the quality of the clothes (blog link is in my signature). likes this.


    I had a bad experience..

    My friend did a big order for about 4 of us shipped across the border. They sell items even if the stock is sold. After we paid for everything and were excited to receive, I think 6/10 items were sold out. Apparently is notorious for this.

    Not a fan of the clothing quality either; bought 2 shirts but I have worn neither. At least they were cheap lol

    I found the sizing is big as blair said. I fit xs/s but S fits a medium better. likes this.
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    How does the billing work then? Right now I have enough for free shipping but what happens if some of the items are out of stock? Would they make you pay for shipping? And you didn't find out that the items were out of stock until you picked them up?
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    From personal experience:
    They don't charge you for shipping. If one of your items is sold out they put a note with the invoice saying the item wasn't sent along with the other stuff you ordered.

    oh and they only charge for the stuff they did send. likes this.
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    ^ thanks! =)
  10. Sparr0w

    Sparr0w New Member does not cater to Canadians. Horrible prices for really cheap clothes. My shirt shrunk so much I can't wear it after 1 wash. Awful customer service. Do not buy

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