Anyone work at Chapters?

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by babyleese, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    What's the pay and interview like? I heard someone mention that it's difficult...

    Thank you!
  2. marynguyen

    marynguyen Elite Member

    which chapters?
  3. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    Any. I don't think it matters does it? I would think that the interview process for most chapters are more or less the same :)
  4. xoxo.juicy

    xoxo.juicy Full Member

    I worked at chapters for a little over a year!!! ( I no longer work there)
    but the pay is shit. obviously min.

    The interview is a group interview....
    so be prepareeee to speak uppp and try not to sit at the edge so you don't start first!

    Pay aside. working there was amazing! =) everyone was so nice and friendly!!
    and discount is 35%.
    There's also incentives!

    Try to get the cashier job because they get the most bonus ( $5 giftcards )
    but you have to sell IREWARDS - its not hard to sell imo.

    I was a cashier and I got around $500 in giftcard. (during that one year)
    and I won tickets to see Phamton of the Opera - Broadway! when they came to van!!

    It would be best to get the job right now because they give amazing giftbags in Nov
    ( for christmas) !!!

    hope this helps =) and good luck!
  5. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    Ugh, I hate group interviews.

    Pay is min. like...$8? =/ that does suck
  6. xoxo.juicy

    xoxo.juicy Full Member

    yeah its 8.50 I think. and you get a 35 cent bonus in 3 months.
    Then the next raise is a year =( !!
  7. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    i got a call for an interview for this sunday @ chapters on west brodway. i applied for CSR kids section :S i hope i can get the job this time T_T
  8. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    ^ Good luck Sunday! Let us know how it goes :)
  9. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    came back from was an hour long (at least i think). it was a woman interviewing in a group of 3, the two other girls were older than i was... at least second or third year UNIVERSITY. O_O and i'm only 16 lmao..
    it only took long because we took turn answering questions, it was pretty much like a generic interview: why this posistion, goals, etc. the interviewer also asked us what services/prodcuts it offered, etc. i said irewards- make sure you know what it is about!
    and then we filled in avaibility sheets, you have to have at least one weeknight and at least one weekend (this is at chapters on granville & brodway). then we have to email her two of our references, and yeah. should expect a reply by wednesday whether i land the job or not. hope it goes well :S
  10. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    Thanks for updating!

    Darn, 2 references? I only have one =/
  11. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    ^ it all depends on the person, i guess
    some questions were like, how would you greet a customer, how you would prioritize your tasks, what you know about the store/irewards, examples of personal achievements, something that you contributed to a group/team, example of time when you had to make a compromise. that's all i can remember, hope it helps!
  12. babyleese

    babyleese Member

    You're awesome! Thanks so much :)

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