Anything Canadian?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rachel, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Haha, second rant of the day.. sorry!

    Hudson Bay has been recently bought by Jerry Zucker, US Businessman.
    Tim Hortons has been owned by Wendy\'s corporation since \'95.
    Molson Canadian had merged with Coors brewing company.

    Anything really Canadian anymore?
  2. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member

    London Drugs.... owned by HY Louie Company and proudly Canadian!

    Here\'s some company history:

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    If any of you are into Chinese Canadian history, read Tong Louie\'s Biography which you can pick up at Chapters. It\'s amazing what he did to make London Drugs into what it is today.

    But yeah... you\'re right! It feel like nothing is Canadian owned anymore!

  3. janinedd

    janinedd Full Member

    yeah london drugs is pretty much the only canadian "canadian" store left. places like timmy's and zellers and hbc and shit claim to be canadian yet they're all owned by american companies.
    i work at LD and it's like the best company ever. we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, we go out of our way to satisfy the customer, and even bend our own policies in order to make people happy. we rarely get complaints for bad service (but hey, some people complain no matter WHAT you do for them) so if you're looking for good service and better prices, check out LD. :D
  4. r96

    r96 Full Member

    What about Canadian Tire and the Real Canadian Superstore? :laughing:
  5. janinedd

    janinedd Full Member

    ok well i was commenting on great service too.
    canadian tire in my mind has the worst customer service ever and stupid store, well you get the idea.
  6. xo_bobbilena

    xo_bobbilena Full Member

    Haha. My dad absolutely HATES Canadian Tire. The service is bad and they're products suck too.
  7. jjgirl

    jjgirl Full Member

    The last several times I've gone and bought something that was supposed to have a rebate with it, the rebates 'had not yet arrived' and I'm still waiting several weeks later. I'm wondering whether this is a common occurance with Canadian Tire.
  8. x143.

    x143. Full Member

    Did you guys know that Tong Louie like founded the London Drugs AND the IGA?
    My school library had a book about him and i read it !
  9. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    LOL that's why u gotta support SMALL LOCAL businesses...
    kinda sucks we use to have Lululemon... but not anymore
  10. diandian

    diandian Full Member

    whistler is american too.. = =
  11. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    OMG!! :devil: this is embarrassing!
  12. crownme

    crownme Full Member

    Aritzia is still owned be Jim Hill of Canada, I think...
  13. BUNT

    BUNT Full Member

    you should check this out - made in canada eh?

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  14. Celestial

    Celestial Full Member

    What about Shoppers Drug Mart? And Blenz? Is Sears still Canadian?
  15. jadepeony

    jadepeony Full Member

    was sears ever canadian? second cup?
  16. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Canadian Tire isn't that bad... you just have to deal with it =P
  17. mArie

    mArie Full Member

    Rona is Canadian
  18. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Yeah for Rona (coming from a home renovation enthusiast =D)
  19. FloraFlower

    FloraFlower Full Member

    Whistler is american?! Wow ><" That is shameful.
  20. shadesofgrey

    shadesofgrey Full Member

    Excuse my ignorance...but what "Whistler" are you talking about? The city located in BC..? lol cause that the only one I know...

    Aritzia, Jacob, and Dynamite/Garage are still Canadian I believe...I say "still" cause it's only a matter of time lol T__T

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