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Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by xoxoChocolate, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. xoxoChocolate

    xoxoChocolate Full Member

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    you sign up to be VIP and you get 15% off ur purchases!! :wink:
  2. destinyT

    destinyT Full Member

    WOW! Thats awsome!! Thanks!
  3. LU5C1OUS

    LU5C1OUS Full Member

    i signed up for this card already but i never used it. it only works on non-sale items.
  4. smallfry

    smallfry Full Member

    yaay very important people cards.
    who doesnt like those :) even if i might not ever use it...
  5. mavis-lum

    mavis-lum New Member

    LOL you're right. But then those cards make you feel good. :)
  6. mavis-lum

    mavis-lum New Member

    I just signed up for it, will the card come in the mail?
  7. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    ^when i had it in the past yes.
  8. mavis-lum

    mavis-lum New Member

    thanks! that's helpful. how long did it take.
  9. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    I dont remember probably 4-6 weeks?
  10. ilovesummer

    ilovesummer Full Member

    i have it too but i havent used it yet bcuz most of the things are on sale already
  11. poppies101

    poppies101 Full Member

    it says the page can not be found.... :\
  12. mavis-lum

    mavis-lum New Member

    If the page cannot be found, go to :

    - there is a list of tabs on the top of the page in a row. find the one that says "vip club"
    - click that
    - sign up!

    i hope i helped!
  13. kisskiss

    kisskiss Full Member

    i've never in like 2-3 years used it!
  14. greentea

    greentea Full Member

    i got that a long time ago and it was paper material, not even a card :(. i don't think i ever used it once.
  15. kisskiss

    kisskiss Full Member

    theres no point in getting it
    unless u wanna fill up those card slots in your wallet...
  16. mavis-lum

    mavis-lum New Member

    Hmm. Maybe you are right. But there's this pair of shoes I wanna get and I think that this will actually come in handy because those shoes aren't on sale, surprisingly. Almost EVERYTHING in that store is on sale!
  17. cheesegrater

    cheesegrater Full Member

    hahah same.. i've had it for a couple years, never used it once. i don't even think i carry it in my wallet anymore.
  18. ilovesummer

    ilovesummer Full Member

    thats a good idea. theres a pair of kneehi sweaterlike knit boots with pompoms i got from there that i wear around the house when its cold + it keeps my toes warm :sideways:

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