Arson and Orb sample sale

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by angelmx6, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. angelmx6

    angelmx6 Full Member


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  2. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    thanks angelmx6! B)
  3. tamara

    tamara Full Member

    oooohhhhh...nice. i\'ll be there!
  4. canido

    canido Full Member

    I am not familiar with them, what do they sell? thnxxx ahead~
  5. canido

    canido Full Member

    Never mind, i was just blind..they have billabong and other brands up~ lolz.
  6. shoku.m

    shoku.m New Member

    Can you tell us about the sizings after you go there?
  7. angelmx6

    angelmx6 Full Member

    shoku.m wrote:
    I probably won\'t have time to go... sorry...
  8. honeycake

    honeycake Full Member

    i\'ve been to their sales twice and i think it\'s awesome..they have hoodies, tees, pants, and jackets (it\'s mostly streetwear)..the first day usually have the best stuffs and it goes really fast..
  9. canido

    canido Full Member

    how much do they cost? are they that much cheaper than usual price? thnx in advance! =)
  10. honeycake

    honeycake Full Member

    i know that all the clothes are at least 50% off and the more you buy, the cheaper it is..definitely worth a look
  11. 1001nights

    1001nights New Member

    Are they still there now?
    and to those who have been there recently...what are the sizes available now?

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