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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by *pinkpeachz, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    hope you guys don't mind giving me opinions =]

    i'm unsure about this dress b/c it's not a dress. it's a skirt that i just pulled up and i'm worried that it's too short and not cut well for my body since it's a skirt.

    what do you think? and does the ribbon make a difference?

    pics from left to right:
    1.) just the dress
    2.) i tied a black ribbon underneath my bust to define curves. (adding the ribbon makes the dress a bit shorter ><)
    3.) sitting down w/out string
    4.) sitting down w/ string

    is it too short? does it look okay?


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  2. neonscent

    neonscent Elite Member

    i think it's a bit too short, but it's nice and creative! :)
  3. xbabysoul

    xbabysoul Full Member

    i think it looks ok
  4. lalalone

    lalalone Full Member

    I think it looks really cute! The ribbon was a good idea.
  5. babyykisses

    babyykisses Full Member

    I think its really cute, although it seems a little short when you sit
  6. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    argh yeah the length is a problem eh? maybe i'll attach soem black fabric to it. thanks guys =]
  7. juicyy

    juicyy Full Member

    The length seems fine to me and I like the ribbon that you put on it.
  8. Milani

    Milani Full Member

    The ribbon is a nice touch... makes the waist look skinnier and other parts look more "robust" hehe..
  9. jkfrocks

    jkfrocks Full Member

    I think it's a bit short also and it's sort of plain, unless that's what you wanted? Why not try adding a coloured ribbon and pinning a big white flower on the side?
  10. Milani

    Milani Full Member

    Yeah a little plain tho.. unless that's what you are going for.. if you are also taking group pictures you won't really stand out
  11. cookiemonsterr

    cookiemonsterr Full Member

    I like your creativity. where did you get the skirt? I think it looks good. The length is ok, as long as it doesn't show too much.
  12. wasteland

    wasteland Full Member

    Same with everyone else, I like your creativity. You get to save tons of money and I'm very sure that you don't have to worry about others having the same dress. I think the ribbon should go on cause it'll define your curves. And it's okay cause Artona doesn't have to be fancy as hell. Something nice and simple will do. My Artona dress... is black and that's it. You don't have to go all out so go for the dress!

    Add a brighter colour ribbon!
  13. babyykisses

    babyykisses Full Member

    Maybe you could try using a thicker white ribbon and tie a nice white bow on the side. Simple and cute =)
  14. jennifer m

    jennifer m Full Member

    it's not too short! but i agree with the above! thick white ribbon sounds lovely!! :D
  15. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    great idea thanks guys! i haven't added a lot of colours b/c the photos are black and white but i do like the flower idea and i think i will add a brighter string=]
  16. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    eh. the dress is soso. y not get something cuter and more flattering?
  17. *pinkpeachz

    *pinkpeachz Elite Member

    ^b/c it was free and i'm trying to save some money ><
  18. laughing.machine

    laughing.machine Full Member

    i think it looks good.
    yes.. try to spend as little as possible!
    I spent sooooo much on all picture and grad dresses. and now i dont even wear them anymore.
    I regret spending so much money!!
  19. shoppingqueen

    shoppingqueen Full Member

    its a bit too simple and short like everyone said.
  20. jkfrocks

    jkfrocks Full Member

    Do you have like...a sash-y/lacy black skirt? For one of my too-short dresses, I wore a black petticoat thing underneath and it made it look longer/cuter!
    Show us when you have a new ribbon + flower!! (I got mine @ Ardenes for < $5).

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