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Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by kaori, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. kaori

    kaori Guest

    let\'s start a seperate topic for the makeup here!!
  2. Leanna

    Leanna Guest


    Is there a trick to not making your eyeliner smudge? I use pencil and it always smears!! Help! Thank you
  3. Kaori

    Kaori Guest

    Hi Leanna,

    Try using a liquid liner instead of pencil liner. Pencil liners are meant to be smudged where as liquid liner when dry should stay put. I know liquid liner may seem a little scarry but keep the q-tips handy and you can easily correct your mistakes. Remember practice makes perfect and you\'ll get the hang of it in no time!!
  4. coco

    coco Full Member

    Hi Kaori,

    I want to buy new full kit of make up brushes but I don\'t feel like spending too much on them. Can you give me idea where can I buy them with a reasonable price and good quality. Thank you so much.
  5. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    i\'m not kaori..

    but i read on reviews and stuff that quo make-up brushes are good, you can get \"quo\" stuff at shoppers drug mart.

    either that or MAC brushes, which is more expensive.

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  6. fro

    fro Full Member

    not kaori either...but the MAC brushes are always best to buy during the octoberish they start selling their xmas mini brush sets for like $60 with 6 or so brushes in it and a pretty case! the only difference from those brushes and their regular ones is the size...but who cares bout the handle size smaller is better to use n e way and u can carry it..i got one this year but they sell out within a week i had to call every single MAC for it..and the other bummer you\'d have to wait till next october! :eek:hmy:
  7. kaori

    kaori Full Member

    Hi coco,

    For innexpensive high qualitly brushes try The Body Shop. Their brushes are made of grade A synthentic hairs that will last you years and years if properly taken care of.

    If you want to splurge, then MAC has nice brushes as well.
  8. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    I love the makeup brushes from The Body Shop. They are the softest makeup brushes I\'ve ever felt!!:kiss:
  9. coco

    coco Full Member

    Thank you for all the tips you all. Wishing you have a great New Year.
  10. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Hey Kaori,

    Where do you do makeup? I was wondering where I should go to learn how to apply eye makeup well... I went to Holt Renfrew to get my eye makeup done, but I just can\'t seem to get the same effect.
  11. kaori

    kaori Full Member

    Hi Rachel,

    I went to Blanche Macdonald and took the esthetics course which also covers makeup.

    You can go to any of the cosmetics counters and ask if they can teach you how to apply eye makeup. I know that if you go to clinique, they will be more than happy to do your eyes for you. Just ask them to explain what they are doing so you can try it out at home.

    Another good way to learn is from makeup books. They often teach you step by step and also teach you about shading and the different shapes of eyes and what colors to use.

    I hope this helps =)
  12. coco

    coco Full Member

    If I go to Clinique and ask them to do make up for without buying anything, is this ok?
  13. swtdreamer16

    swtdreamer16 New Member

    I was wondering wut is the best technique to put on mascara?? I always put it on and it clumps and I also want to make it really volumized….but it never ends up that way.
  14. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    ^ me too. a lot of times when i put on mascara it weighs down my lashes and it doesn\'t gift much \"lift\". but if i only put one coat on it doesn\'t look as full as i want it to be. or should i just get a different mascara?
  15. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    coco- i did that at clinque today and it was fine, i just got her to write down what she used and told her i\'d be back. Either way, it doesn\'t cost.

    As for mascara...
    i don\'t know if you are curling your eyelashes before or not but i find that it really opens up my eye more and looks better with mascara on. You can get eyelash curlers at drugstores for under 10 bucks. Also, a good technique to get it on nicely is to wiggle the brush as you are putting it through the lashes. Then, if it is still not looking as you hoped, take a clean (dry, without mascara) mascara brush and comb it through after. It works really well.
  16. UBooboo

    UBooboo Full Member


    I\'m looking for reccomendations for a good liquid eyeliner. I prefer a pen-like one as opposed to a brush, which I find tricky. I currently use L\'oreal Lineur Intense (felt tip). Any suggestions? :cheer:
  17. moufafa

    moufafa Full Member

    i dont know if you got ur brushes yet but if you know a hair stylist you can get them to go to kingsgate beauty supplies (i think thats wat its called) on commercial drive.... my mom got me a kit of 18 brushes for $20 and theyre really good quality
  18. kaori

    kaori Full Member

    here are some tips on applying mascara.

    1) make sure your lashes are free of dust and dirt then use a eyelash curler to lift and curl lashes. Start closest to the eyelid then work your way out till you reach the tip of your lashes.

    My favorite curlers are from Shu Umemura and Shisheido. They seem to fit the lashes better and curl not crimp.

    2) I like using a base such as Blinc Lash Primer or Lancome\'s Cils Booster Mascara Enhancing Base before I apply mascara as it helps to stregthen, nourish and thicken my lashes without making it look heavy.

    3)appy 2 or 3 coats of your favorite mascara starting from the base use zig-zagging and out-ward motions to make sure every lash is coated. (my favorites are Kiss Me mascara\'s ultra volume which come off in little tubes with warm water and gentle pressure. Excellent product which doen\'t glob)

    4) Before mascara is dried run an eyelash comb or disposable mascara wand though your lashes to remove any clumps.

    Throw any mascara away that is over 2 months as it starts to dry and clump. Never share mascara (even with your best freind!) your eyes are very sensitive and are prone to infections that way.

    For added volume and length i recommend using a lash extender such as \"Jica\" or \"Talika\" which are mini fibres you apply to your lases after the basecoat or first coat of mascara before it dries. The little fibres adhere to your lases making them look full and long without false lashes!! These are not reccommend for contact users or people with sensitive eyes.

    Shu umemura is available at Holt Renfrew
    Shisheido is available at the Bay
    Lancome is available at the Bay
    Blinc is available at Sephora
    Kiss me Mascara is available at Beautymark
    Talkia is available at Sephora

    Hope this helps =)

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  19. kaori

    kaori Full Member


    I know your like pen applicator eyeliners but i encourage you to try liquid eyeliners with a brush as they don\'t dry up as fast and you can get a much more precise application that way.

    When you pull out the tip, gently brush the tip from side to side making sure there is not too much product on the tip.
    Here\'s a tip on applying liquid liner. sit on a chair and have a mirror on a table infront of you. Rest your elbow on a table and with that hand hold the liquid liner aplicator. look in the mirror and apply a light stroke of eyeliner to your eyes. Remember the heavier you press the thicker the line. By resting your elbow on the table it prevents your hands from shaking and loosing control. Try it =)

    My favorite liquid eyeliners are:

    The Body Shops Liquid eyeliner-which gives dramatic definition to the eyes. The little felt like tip will make the transistion easier. The Body shops liquid liner is smudge-proof and is an excellent product.
    Available in Brown and Black at The Body Shop

    Kiss Me Eyeliner- get precise lines with this fine brush-tipped eyeliner. Removes easy with warm water and gentle pressure. Kiss Me products are water resistant and is used by the circe du soliel in their underwater performances. available in brown and black at:
    Beautymark and Sephora

    Many people are afriad of liquid eyeliners but they should\'t be. Make sure to have cotton buds close by (even proffesional makeup artists make mistakes) and you can easily fix your mistakes.

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  20. fro

    fro Full Member

    hey kaori

    ok well NOw im goin to ask u kaori since ppl dunt like respondiong much one here!:evil:

    i posted this b4 but cud u give me any advice on getting rid of waxing burns?...i recently got waxed and the lady had it to hot i guess kinda burned me a lil..but it luks bad and i duno if the scar will go away??...thanxs

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