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    It took the passing of a fall and a spring/summer but the city is finally warming up to the idea of its own fashion week.

    Currently in its third season, B.C. Fashion Week is getting noticed. The two runway shows that kicked off the week Wednesday night, Mara Gottler and Shelley Klassen\'s Blushing Designs, were standing room only and the rest of the week is anticipated to be the same, says Debra Walker, who co-founded BCFW with Vladimir Markovich.

    B.C. is in the right place at the right time to start fostering its own, she says. Our proximity to the East (both near: Toronto, and far: Asia) and the U.S. puts us in a good spot geographically. Not to mention, eyes are turning our way as we approach 2010. And it\'s about time we started recognizing our local talent, says Walker, everybody else already is.

    \"A number of B.C. designers are doing well, but not in their own market,\" she says, citing examples from the Oscars (ETalk Daily host Tanya Kim wore Vancouver designer Jason Matlo on the red carpet) to the Olympics (where local label WestBeach shined).

    The buyers are already onboard, now it\'s just the general public. It\'s up to them to say, \"I want to be seen in a Jason Matlo or a Christina Culver,\" says Walker.

    If the calibre of the BCFW shows, Anna Kosturova\'s crochet bikinis (Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey are fans), the Bay designer Chloe Angus, and athletic wear by Vata Brasil to name few, is any indication, mass appeal is inevitable.

    Many are already showing their support. Painter Tanya Slingsby had the good fashion sense - and etiquette - to wear B.C. at BCFW\'s opening gala, turning heads in a Jacqueline Conoir flowing floral silk gown. \"I just thought it would be nice, I\'m a big fan of hers,\" she said. And judging by the admiring glances of Slingsby\'s frock, she single-handedly inspired a few more devotees to join the club.
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    :sick: nootka!
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    been here for so long.. never knew there was a bc fashion..wow
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    so this year's fashion week is in november from what i hear... where can u buy tickets?? last years fashion week was amazing!

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