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  1. yakaike

    yakaike Full Member

    I went to shop at Bebe the other day. They always have a sale section which the prices are already reduced but you take and extra 50% off of the ticketed price. I bought 3 shirts from the sale section for only $22 each!!!! Regular prices for them were $79 each. Awesome deal!!!! You hafta really look through the racks to find one you like. And you\'d think that all the small sizes are gone...but they\'re not!!! I found all those shirts in sizes Xs
  2. man

    man Full Member

    thanksB) I\'m gonna check it out tonight..desperatly need some new clothes.
  3. Carmui

    Carmui Full Member

    oooooo!! sounds good!
    gotta check it out 2morrow =O!!!!

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