Best Makeup/ Skincare Products @ Daiso

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by Bikki, Aug 21, 2009.

  1. Bikki

    Bikki Full Member

    I don't see any post regarding makeup/skincare products @ Daiso...

    so I will start one..

    I personally would buy and recommend

    - eyelash curler

    - cotton pads

    - Royal Jelly Body Peeling Gel
  2. pinkblue2

    pinkblue2 Full Member

    =O eyelash curler?
    whats it made of??

    im trying to find a small one..
  3. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    I like the eyelash curlers there too, the one with the black plastic finger loops~

    their charcoal face mask is good too and the nose strips are comparable to the biore ones.

    Other than those I've purchased some of those cheap shimmer sticks and eyeshadows before. The shimmer sticks are hard to apply and the eyeshadows are too powdery, but they do have pretty good pigmentation, they just don't last.

    If you go to Yokoyaya instead of daiso, they have a different brand of false lashes (packaged in plastic bag without the glue) that looks 100% natural, instead of the obviously fake ones in the pink boxes.
  4. moomingstarz

    moomingstarz Full Member

    ^oooh! thanks, i ran out of my biore nose strips :( and they're like $10 a box
  5. anitaroxz

    anitaroxz Full Member

    I've tried their charcoal cleansing milk? face wash? Anyways, I liked it's creamy texture and the clean feeling it gives your skin without being overdrying. It's the one in the long tube. I have super sensitive skin and it works just fine. I just can't find it now...

    I have 3 bottles of their charcoal peel off mask! I use it once a week to pull out whiteheads. YUCK! It works great for me except the fact that there alcohol in it so I only use it where I need it the most. Chin & nose. Works like Freemans cucumber mask but stronger.

    What I love the most would be their silicon face scrubbing pad. I have the pink one and it works great for those with sensitive skin. It removes loose whiteheads and exfoliates dry skin well. I use it quite often because it helps get rid of the dead skin from previous contact dermatitis attacks.

    My sister bought the High Curling Mascara today, it works really well! It holds a curl really good too. Probably because of the copolymers and the carnuaba wax making it similiar to a waterproof mascara. Great mascara for those with straight eyelashes. Take it off with a oil based remover though. Here's another review on it: Please login or register to view links

    I have tried the Loose Pearly Eyeshadow Pots(not the short fat one, it's the longer one with a twist lid). I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! They work great when you foil them. On it's own it gives a nice was of sheer pearly colour. I suggest everyone to try them out at least once. I'm so totally going to get the brown one next time!

    This girl named Jean also has tons of Daiso Reviews. Hope it helps you guys out!
    Please login or register to view links

    Good luck!

    -Love Anita
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  6. blair

    blair Elite Member

    ^ tried the charcoal nose strips! It's pretty good and smells nice.
  7. maruko

    maruko Full Member


    i like cotton pads.nose strips.eyelash curler! - they had the small small ones a while ago but maybe sold out. (good price)

    !havent bought anything else
    maybe try out the mask when i finish my other bottles
    thank u !
  8. boo0ie

    boo0ie Full Member

    charcoal peel off mask ... ? daiso has them . wtf LOL i never saw them , i just went like two days ago :(
    can someone sell me some ? i wanna try it :)
  9. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    Its this one:


    They have it at yokoyaya at Tinseltown too~
  10. carmenthedancer

    carmenthedancer Full Member

    what does the royal jelly peeling gel do?
  11. boo0ie

    boo0ie Full Member

    ohhh , i have a similar one , but i never use it cause it's so hard to peel it off . ANY TIPS ?!?!?
  12. anitaroxz

    anitaroxz Full Member

    I don't know if you're talking about the Charcoal Peel Off Mask but I put a thicker layer so when I peel it there isn't that much residue (un peeled) left. Works great for me!
  13. BBaby

    BBaby Full Member

    The false eye lashes are good apparently. I never did figure out how to use any of them so no opinion on them.

    I love the lengthening mascara they have. Makes my lashes mad long. No volume so would need to use another mascara.
  14. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    put it on thicker, make sure you can't even see your skin underneath it and let it dry completely, you can even use the hair dryer on a low setting to dry it faster~
  15. Fumi

    Fumi Member

    I seriously wasn't aware that Daiso's beauty products were actually worth purchasing. I haven't been there for ages but when I was younger I'd be reluctant to buy make-up there because the fact that it's $2 would scare me off.

    Anyway, I might try some of these things next time I go there.
  16. Bikki

    Bikki Full Member

    yaa.. I also got this one too.. haha

  17. Bikki

    Bikki Full Member

    It's just like scrub... but you don't have to wet your body to do it...

    1. Keep your body/hand dry
    2. Squeeze little bit of peeling gel on your body/hand
    3. Rubbing it until you see some eraser bit residual...
    4. Clean your hand/arm/body with water
    5. Dry your body with a towel ...

    you should feel the difference .. very smooth.. love it.. haha..

  18. justh3r

    justh3r Full Member

    i love there eyelashes welll one of them
    there fake nails are pretty cute too for the price but dont get the white nail glue its terrible get the gel ones :)
  19. anitaroxz

    anitaroxz Full Member

    I went to Daiso yesterday and I saw some criss cross bottom lashes. They had a clear band! <33 I think they'll work really well for a Gyaru/Ulzzang inspired look or something dramatic!
  20. crazyxsoul23

    crazyxsoul23 Full Member

    I bought the face mask that you guys suggested :)
    I saw the royal jelly thing too but I didn't have anymore money

    I wanted to check out the eyelash curlers too
    but there were just so many people I was like naaaaaah LOL.

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