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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by guest, Nov 27, 2005.

  1. guest

    guest Guest

    Hey everyone!!!!!!

    where can I get billabong/paul frank clothes?

    Off the Wall, and Below the Belt have some, right? What other places do?

  2. dior_girl

    dior_girl Guest

    you can definitely get paul frank stuff at below the belt and i believe off the wall as well..not sure where you would get billabong stuff though.
  3. sk8r girl

    sk8r girl Guest

    You can get billabong stuff at West 49.

  4. paul frank

    paul frank Guest

    hey everyone!



    #204 - 343 Railway Street

    Dec 1st 12-7pm
    Dec 2nd 12-7pm
    Dec 3rd 12-4pm

    what\'s on sale:

    PAUL FRANK - men\'s and ladies’ clothing. watches. swimwear. sleepwear. accessories. sunglasses.

    SMALL PAUL - Paul Frank for kids - sample size 3T

    LOOP NYC – handbags, man-purses, luggage tags, cosmetic cases and wallets

    ********* cash only!! **********
  5. devee8

    devee8 Guest

    i love paul frank stuff!! so who\'s all going to this sample sale?
  6. muffin

    muffin Guest

    you can also get billabong stuff from extreme.
  7. Michelle

    Michelle Guest

    343 Railway Street in what city. Vancouver? Richmond?
  8. shopfreak

    shopfreak Guest

    It\'s basically near Chinatown. I got there by bus, stopped at \"east hastings and Gore Ave\" using #16 bus. Then i walked several streets till i reached Railway, it\'s quite a bit down from my bus stop. Go the opposite way of Pender street, if you see went the wrong way.

    There isn\'t much else in the sale coz everything is out. >< Accordingly it was really busy in the morning with lotz of stuff, i went there around 3ish...and there was not much left. I asked the lady if they were going to restock tomorrow, and she told me what is what is left. Simple T-shirts are around $15, so it\'s not bad. Other stuff, it\'s not worth their purses, i have seen it cheaper elsewhere.
  9. ck_style

    ck_style Guest

    so is this sale worth checking out anymore is everything pretty much gone already?
  10. mz.brunette

    mz.brunette Full Member

    For billabong ...
    West 49. &
    for sureee.
  11. teeteetiffy

    teeteetiffy Full Member

    a bunch of places have billabong and paul frank

    for billabong there\'s pacific boarder, frozen ocean at granville island..places on 4th

    and paul frank... i think below the belt still sells some paul frank.
  12. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    STATES! they have both in zumies and nordstrom. macy maybe?
  13. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    there are some Billabong at Swimco too
  14. cgo

    cgo New Member

    Off The Wall usually carries lotsa Billabong! Keep checking back at their stores. I was in there today and they\'ve got some really cute Fall items so far! :)
  15. s3nsational

    s3nsational Full Member

    all i know is that they have both at off the wall for sure :sick:
  16. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    WEST 49
  17. 1234567890

    1234567890 Full Member

    hangers in park royal....lots of paul frank acessories...not sure about billabong
  18. Gurp

    Gurp Full Member

    you can get both at BELOW THE BELT. great store but has very expensive prices.
  19. cindiee

    cindiee Full Member

    dey sell paull frank n billagbong everywhere in da white malls. deres also a store in parker place where dey sell paul frank stuff too!
  20. homechips

    homechips New Member

    I heard from a coworker that you can get really cheap Paul Frank clothing in aberdeen centre in richmond

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