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    special deals for each day when you rent or buy.
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    coolness.. thanks for that forevermee! :)
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    OMG i can\'t believe i forgot to mention it to everyone, lol.....i work at the damn company and i\'m kinda oblivious to it all, lol.

    every time you use your visa at blockbuster you get a card with a pin on it and you go to a website for a chance to win a home theatre system, free rentals for a year, etc....

    AND.....and on going promo: go to Please login or register to view links and go to the part that says \"blockbuster buzz\" and enter your email address and you get free coupons through your email each week. it\'s a free service and the cheapest coupon is lke a free popcorn, but you know what???? IT\'S FREE!!!
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