Can I use my Canadian Costco membership in American Costco?

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by Hot hot deal in vancouver, Nov 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anybody knows if the Canadian Costco membership card can be used in the Sates? If not, do you have to be local resident to buy the American membership? What about price, are they the same in Costco? Thank you so much!!
  2. glamourbebe

    glamourbebe Full Member

    you can use your costco membership at any costco location worldwide.
  3. fuzzybunny

    fuzzybunny Full Member

    yeah you can use your membership down in the states, but im not sure if you can use the credit card part of the card down there, unless you have the american express version of the costco card. last time my parents went down to the states they couldnt charge anything on their card.....

    but comparing the prices in the american costco to the ones here, they are pretty much identical, with the exception of things that are not available here :s
  4. Thanks guys!! I guess I will have to bring cash.
  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    actually, there are many things which are much cheaper.....or at least used to be when our $$ was better.......such as jewelry
  6. laughing.machine

    laughing.machine Full Member

    How old do you have to be here in Canada to get a membership card?
  7. I think it's 18 yr. And watches are much cheaper than outside Costco in Canada. same watch Costco 1699, in malls 2900, RADO; 799 Movado, malls same model 1500.
  8. miss.bee

    miss.bee Full Member

    If you're using Amex or credit cards then it's fine to pay as well. My parents use their Costco Amex card down there.:p
  9. in Canada, they don't take VISA,MASTER CARD.
  10. Shopoholic18

    Shopoholic18 Full Member

    ^ yeah they do.........
    and costco is wayyy better down there
  11. glamourbebe

    glamourbebe Full Member

    costco only takes their own amex card, debit and cash.
  12. Shopoholic18

    Shopoholic18 Full Member

    my dad always uses his visa and they let him...
  13. Yushimi

    Yushimi Moderator Staff Member

    Um, it's AMEX, debit cards or cash.
    Need proof? Click on the link below.

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    Unless your dad shops online.
  14. Shopoholic18

    Shopoholic18 Full Member

    ^ im juss saying that the one on king george lets u use visa....... ive seen my dad use it and they let him..
  15. Yushimi

    Yushimi Moderator Staff Member

    You should've been more specific.
    I've emailed Costco regarding this issue, I'm curious why the King George accepts it and not the rest.
  16. Shopoholic18

    Shopoholic18 Full Member

    sorryy ....didnt know
  17. glamourbebe

    glamourbebe Full Member

    hmm, strange, i'm curious too as to why that specific location would allow it when it's a company policy.
  18. bittersweet

    bittersweet Full Member

    Yea the Costco in the states is way better then the ones here.
    From my experience, Costco only accepts Cash, Debit, and Amex as well.
  19. xoxo.juicy

    xoxo.juicy Full Member

    That's so weird... maybe you saw wrong?
    because I'm 100% certain they don't take Visa there.
    and I asked my friend ( he works there )
    and he said why the f** would they take Visa when they want you to sign up for an American Express
    - which is true... everytime I go there,
    they PUSH PUSH PUSH you to sign up for some like..
    Black costco AMEX card or something...
    lol anyone had that? sooo annoying.
    then WHEN someone signs up they like... ring a bell and use those party props to cheeer
  20. BUNT

    BUNT Full Member

    maybe he tried and they said no to his visa but that part was missed?
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