Cell phones..Fido vs Telus?.. or Rogers?

Discussion in 'Mobile/Electronics' started by Krispy Kreme, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Krispy Kreme

    Krispy Kreme Guest

    ok.. i\'m getting pretty frustrated with my fido service... i miss calls and also reception is really bad!!!!

    does anyone else use fido? anyone here use telus or rogers? i want to know what your experiences are.. thanks!!! :)

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  2. Cybilistic

    Cybilistic Guest

    I\'ve been using Rogers for as long as I can remember! :p

    The only place that I don\'t get awesome reception is actually at my home of all places! :blink:

    I thought that Rogers bought Fido? perhaps I am getting the big boys mixed up?

    Maybe it is your cell phone? :eek:hmy: my boyfriend gets worse reception than I do, and we are both on Rogers.

    Anyways, I really haven\'t had any problems with Rogers :)

    Cheers! :laugh:
  3. 604_matt

    604_matt Guest

    i can\'t say i like fido either. their network is still pretty bad even after all the upgrades they made. i don\'t even think the phone makes much of a difference because i\'ve tried using my mom and dad\'s phone and i still get crappy reception.
  4. minami

    minami Guest

    uhh i\'m pretty sure it\'s the other way around...fido bought rogers! but they sitll operate seperately so no difference...
  5. b

    b Guest

    i had telus before it was crap, i couldnt get reception anywhere and they charged my for things i didnt do or use...
    i\'m on fido now and its ok... rogers bought fido.. when fido reception gives out u get rogers..so it good.
    also fido is by second instead of minute...who can beat that it totally cuts down on the phone bill
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Rogers did buy Fido, and Fido was a small company so you had to expect some problems. Personally I like Fido and I really don\'t like Telus just because they charge you for everything from like wallpaper and what not. Telus and Rogers are both more expensive than Fido so it really is up to you. If you call often and is a major cellphone user then change to Rogers, if not then stick with Fido. Don\'t be fooled my telus comercials the animals may be cute but ya... The only major thing I like about telus is that ADSL is sooooo much better then cable especially when you are downloading things but anyways I\'d suggest either Fido or Rogers.
  7. brett

    brett Guest

    hey Ruby... but the issue was about reliability of the fido network.

    i\'m pretty sure that telus, what it\'s crazy communications infrastructure that they can provide the best reception of any provider here in the lower mainland. i\'m not saying i like telus and their business practises, but i guess you get what you pay for.

    maybe you pay more for telus but i think overall you get better reception.
  8. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Ya~! thats why i said if you called often and is a major cell phone user then go with something other than fido ... i got fido and i barely call so to me the reception on my phone is still pretty good cuz i got a panasonic phone i really dont know if its the phone or the company but fido is rogers now so reception cant be that bad unless you live in the mountains =P
  9. I switched to Telus from fido 3 years ago and have had absolutely no problems with Telus. The reception is really clear. When i was using fido i couldn\'t even use my phone in my own house.. then again it could\'ve been the phone. ;)
  10. angel_smad

    angel_smad New Member

    Hey guys,

    I used to be on Bell Mobility, and to be honest they had awesome customer service and reception. Bell Mobilty actually has the best reception in the lower mainland. They have a contract with Telus, so they have the use of all of the same towers as telus, on top of that they also have their own towers to boot...pretty awesome..

    However, I switched from Bell to Rogers because I found that their prices were just to high. I was really worried initially about switching because i'd heard so many bad things about reception, but I've had absolutely no problem. I go to UBC and it works everywhere there, I've never dropped a call, or had no reception, even in the basement of the SUB. I have a Razor which may or may not make a difference. There is a difference in terms of reception between the different phones you have depending on their attennas and such.

    Also, my boyfriend uses Telus, they are also really great in terms of reception, no problme whatsoever...I would say though that their customer service ins't always good...The other thing is that both Telus and Bell Mobility have "crappy" phones...the phones at Rogers and Fido are a lot "cooler". Rogers and Fido also opperate on a GSM network, while Telus and Bell do not...That is why 'sim cards' are only found on the Rogers and Fido networks..its really handy, because otherwise when switching phones with Bell or Telus, you need to manually imput your phone book into your new phone, or pay for the network to do it for you.

    Lastly, Rogers bought Fido however Fido still operates using the same towers it was using originally. The only time Rogers kicks in, is when you are in a location in which you can't get a good signal from a Fido tower, in that case you may see that your phone has switched over to the Rogers network...i've seen it on some of my friends phones it says Rogers on it instead of Fido at certain times..

    Hope that helps!

  11. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Bell seems to have too many hidden charges
    My boyfriend has telus and he never seems to have decent service.
    Theres always an odd disturbance in the line.
    Fido, my sister uses it, and they always manage to screw up on the bill over charging and stuff.
    I've been using Rogers ever since I got my cell phone.
    My dads been using it for 15 years.
    They have the odd screw up but the reception is good and the people are easier to deal with.
    You get the odd rude person occasionally but threaten to disconnect your line.. LORDY they straighten up.
    My plan is like 250 minutes (day time) unlimited evenings and weekends starting at 6 and unlimited everything else and i have web included on that, with voicemail and call display and i pay $25 a month and in the end with the system access fee and yata yata its like 32 something.
    On a good month, thats when I don't go over so I recommend Rogers.
  12. princessice

    princessice Full Member

    ive tried rogers and fido both, and dont really see much of a difference between them. i actually like fido more cause i only needed a two year contract. as to reception, both rogers and fido didnt work in the SUB's basement for me, so reception would seem to depend on unknown circumstances since i have a razor too LOL

    ive heard that bell has the best reception, and they also carry one year plans too, so it might be worth it to check it out...at the very least, a one year mistake is better than a three year one right?
  13. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Rogers carries one year, two year and three year plans.
    I'm on a year plan. I go yearly so I can get a new phone.
    Bell has A LOT of hidden charges.
    Our bill that was supposed to be 30 came to be 74ish.
    It was the dumbest thing I had ever seen.
    So I payed the 200 in cancellation fees.
    Waste of time though.
    Fido has a lot of hidden charges too you have to be careful with them too.
    The customer service sucks too when we ordered my sisters phone they said 3 days.
    We got it more like 3 months later.
    Rogers by far the best i've ever been with.
  14. byu

    byu Full Member

    TELUS CRAPPY customer service, CRAPPY reception and no customer loyalty

    fido recpetion is fine i can get calls almost everywhere at UBC and everything is concrete...even is the SUB basement! they do cut off calls sometimes tho
  15. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    I agree with the crappy customer service and no customer loyalty but i think that they have pretty good reception. I've used Fido before and it was horrible- bad reception, calls cut, extra charges,etc.
  16. jen69

    jen69 Full Member

    Telus is ok i tihnk there customer sevice is pretty good this time they chared me like 30 bucks for txt msgin when it was unlimted and all i did was call em and they returned it!!! there reception is ok i think it also depends on the type of cellphone u have cuz me and my brother were in the same room and he had no reception but i did! so i tihnk it depends on the phone telus is pretty good overall i guess! its just that i think there more pricer than rogers or fido!!!
  17. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    The reception problem could be because of the phone you have. I've been on Fido for, I think, 7 years and never had a problem. My boyfriend just got Fido two years ago and he can't use his phone in his house (no reception) but I can.

    Fido is the best!
  18. Chicken Balls

    Chicken Balls Full Member

    I'll have to disagree. They have gotten better as of late (customer service). I recently renewed with them and i think they gave me a pretty good retention plan.

    free even-weekends starting at 6
    free caller id, call waiting, call forwarding
    for 20$ a month

    the only beef i have with them is thier phone selection.
  19. Aniles

    Aniles Full Member

    I`m currently using Rogers, and I am quite satisfied with the reception and whatnot
    The only place I can`t receive very well would be in my school :angry:
    Gosh, maybe it`s a sign that I shouldn`t be calling while I`m in school haha
  20. myxducky

    myxducky New Member

    I used to had fido for 2 years and I wasn't really happy with their service. It wasn't bad, but it's wasn't overly stellar either. I'm now with bell:laughing:

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