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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by pattypus, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    So, my friend and I have been trying to figure out this:

    Are TNA (Aritzia housebrand?) products made with child labour?

    Though this may seem like a stupid topic, I\'d still like an answer. :p
  2. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    no idea.

    but on some of my TNA clothes it says made in china.
    then there\'s one that says made in macau.

    and for the spandex wahtever ones.. the letters on the tag faded off from the wash.
    and there\'s this talula top I got that\'s kinda faded the tag from the wash too.. and cut out somehow from washing..but i see it say: AU CANADA near the bottom so i\'m guessing made in canada? but that talula top was from sept 2004.. something like that.
  3. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Hmm... well maybe they don\'t want anyone to know anything about how they make their products! :eek:hmy: :p
  4. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

  5. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    lululemon is possibly child laboured now.. and racism apparently:

    \"Wilson told the delegates third world children should be allowed to work in factories because it provides them with much-needed wages. They also say he argued that even in Canada there is a place for 12- and 13-year-old street youths to find work in local factories as an alternative to collecting handouts.\"

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  6. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    That is stupid~! Child labour is just an excuse for adults to pay the child very low wages just so they can make more money themself. Think about aritzia and lulu lemon or whatever sell their products for how much? A LOT! and the quality is oks thus concludes that your buying it for the brand and the owner of the company obviously makes the most money. It isn\'t fair. I don\'t think it is. At least if it is child labour it has to be at least minimum wage or so. Not something like 10 cents and hour or 1 dollar an hour. That is outageous and abuse.
  7. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Ok... I\'ve made up my mind after reading that article posted by Rachel...i\'m no longer shopping at Lululemon. I don\'t really like their stuff much anyways..The only reason why i DID shop there is becauase their stuff was made in Canada, but after hearing what he had to say... no more.. not for me at least...
  8. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    I read a book called \"why globalization works\" by jagdish bhagwati, a WTO ambassador on globalization, and he had a different perspective. Child labour has a bad reputation but in some third world countries it is a necessity. In many of the studies he cited, it was found that parents have to illict their children into such businesses due to lack of money or crop failures. It was also brought up that in most cases, this is better than the alternative of starving to death. This is similar to what the posted article says.

    Not that I agree with child labour but it\'s often good to open up your mind to another perspective. There is always a flipside and I think it really depends on the situation.
  9. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    I could seeing it depend on the situation.. but I see that situation as very rarely happening. Like a child helping their family farm, or helping their family outside family business. If they have to resort to child labour, then something is terribly wrong with the wage their parents are getting.

    But a place like Lululemon or Aritza, if it is true, can afford to keep making their things in Canada like they orginially did because they obviously still profit. They would be still making the same margin, since they still charge as much as they do.
  10. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

    I never shopped at lululemon anyway cuz it really isn\'t my style.
    However, maybe sometimes it is necessary for a child to help support the family, who apparently has trouble ensuring economic survival, in certain developing countries. Don\'t get me wrong, I don\'t support child labour and those who are less privileged as we are, have to sacrifice simply for the sake of survival...
  11. mr.x

    mr.x Full Member

    wow.. i\'m glad to see a lot of you are very conscious about your buying decisions and where things are made.. it\'s great to see.

    so why don\'t we point the finger at wal-mart too? i mean, pratically everything there is made in china, and they\'re one of the most profitable retailers... they\'re also eating up Canadian retailers.

    i have to admit that i do buy stuff from wal-mart because there\'s so many things that i can buy from there, but now, i\'m trying my best to shop at other places instead :S
  12. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Walmart is known for moving into an area, have super low prices to knock out the small independent stores around them and then raising their prices back up after all these stores close down. The competition act is suppose to prevent this kind of thing happening.. that is Walmart purposely reduced prices to a point where independent stores can\'t reduce them without making a loss. How Walmart gets around this is that they have huge \"slashed priced sales\" once in a while, eventually eroding mom and pop shops.
  13. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Well... it kinda seems like [almost] all stores use child labour. :(

    There must be many stores that don\'t use child labour!

    But if every store uses child labour, then you can\'t help buying clothes that aren\'t made with child labour... :S
  14. hm ya child labour is in a way a chance of survival for them, but i think that should be banned. iunno if you guys heard during the summer how.. bono? from u2 was talking bout the congo and how pm martin should help. for those that didn\'t hear, the congo is an african place and not long ago they had a massacre and now the people living there is like hell on earth. and they have this .. um thing which our cellphones use, so people around the world know of the congo, yet drastic action isn\'t really taken. i agree with bono, we, the fortunate, need to bring about change. and by giving them a way out by cheap labour and that is bull crap. i mean we\'re only making us feel better by saying we\'re helping them out. cause if they were educated and had an established gov. to help them, hell no would they settle for those kinda wages and the work conditions.

    erm correct me if i saidanything that\'s wrong and er ya :lol:
  15. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    Well I guess you can say china is the most profitable but then again I dont\'t think that\'s the case. The united states has the most money, probably because they have so many of their stores here. China sells their products pretty cheap. It is the stores who make the profit like guess or what not. Your paying 85% of what you buy for the brand name not the quality. So if your talking about profits the States and the Stores make the most not the places where it\'s made.
  16. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Well here\'s a story about child labour...

    When my mom was growing up in Hong Kong, she said that after grade 7, all the girls (and boys?) would have the option to go work in factories. (...Child Labour!) And my mom chose to continue school. :D hehe

    And apparantly, most of the girls who went to work in factories had mothers who also had worked in factories... :S
  17. lizardbreath22312

    lizardbreath22312 New Member

    According to the label on the TNA shirt I have
    It says Made in China
    So I guess that says a little about retailers
    In bussiness
    it\'s all about buy low sell high
    People are looking for deals when they buy things, and that means everybody
    think about this website
    It\'s all about getting deals on clothing that would normally be sold at prices very few of us are willing to pay

    And back to the anything made in Canada?
    My mom and aunt sometimes sew for a few stores in downtown that are runned by local deseigners
    They get around 5-10% of the clothe\'s final retail price which is pretty good since most of the stuff is priced at $100+
    They ARE a few sewing factories in Vancouver but the number has gone drastically down
    It\'s a lot cheaper to just send the designs and fabric over to Mexico, China or Brazil and have people over there make it
  18. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    ... things that aren\'t made with child labour cost more, right? :p
  19. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Not really, take for example Smart Set.

    Lot of their stuff is made in Canada and I\'ve bought nice tops around $10.

    Things like Louis Vuitton, expensive because it\'s hand crafted individually.

    Things like TNA, slightly expensive because they\'re after a certain crowd to buy them. Once that crowd buys them, everyone follows.

    Grade 4 wearing TNA, whatever. Grade 4 wearing mini skirts and lots of make up, that\'s disguisting.
  20. lizardbreath22312

    lizardbreath22312 New Member

    I didn\'t know Smart Set had their things made in Canada

    I thought Roots was also made in Canada until one day I turned the label around on one of their sweaters and it had a Made in Mexico tag

    but about little kids dressing \"older\"
    it\'s almost like seeing a five-year old smoking
    almost that is . . .

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