Chura, Hive or Tsubaki?

Discussion in 'Hair/Nails' started by aiir, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. aiir

    aiir New Member

    I'm planning to get a hair cut soon and I read reviews for the above 3 Japanese hair salons
    They are all pretty reasonable pricewise and they seem to all have above average service and hair stylists..which puts me in a hard situtaion to decide which one lol :blink:

    My hair is:
    fine, straight, long and a little bit more volumy than normal and here's the style I'm planning to get done
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    So which hair salon do you guys recommend?
  2. marynguyen

    marynguyen Elite Member

    between the three, i choose chura. only because thats the only place i've been too out of the three.
    BUT i must say, i've been to many places, and they are super cheap! plus! the people there are super nice...i have a couple great experiences going there.
  3. divina1124

    divina1124 Full Member

    i second chura, =)
  4. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    I went to Tsubaki last time and I really liked how my hair turned out. Ever since Yuka left Chura, I haven't had a really good cut there. Yuka at Tsubaki is good though!
  5. BEBEviet

    BEBEviet Full Member

    ^ I had my hair cut by Yuka at Chura too and she was great! I haven't been to Chura otherwise but I have a friend who goes their regularly and they like the place a lot.
  6. aiir

    aiir New Member

    so Yuka works at tsubaki now?
  7. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    might be a different yuka...
  8. devilgurl

    devilgurl Full Member

    lol yea it's a different one
  9. aiir

    aiir New Member

    oh I see haha i guess yuka is a popular name among the hair stylists :dance:
    thanks for the replies I think I've made my decision :blush:
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