Cineplex Admit One Tickets $6.00 Cineplex Movie Ni

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by CANDY, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    Offer good till June 30, 2006.Cineplex Admit One Tickets: $6.00
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    \"Cineplex Night Out\" movie package includes 2 adult admissions, 2 regular drinks and 1 regular popcorn: $19.99
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    Eenter any old number for your Telus mobility phone number it will work.

    Do not order more than 4 tickets at one time or else your order will be cancelled and you will have to reorder again.
  2. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    Thanks for posting this offer Canido. But how long are the tickets good for? Is there an expiration date for the tickets?
  3. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    june 2008 i think
  4. angelbun

    angelbun New Member

    on the fine print at the bottom says : \"Certificates ordered through this offer will be valid until January 2008 or later. \"
  5. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    yeah i know. it depends when you order it. the later you order it, the later it expires. so yeah.
  6. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Sweet. Here\'s a Karma point!
  7. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    xcandiceyue wrote:
    After placing an order for 4 tickets, can I log in again and place another order for an additional 4 tickets? Or will this not work and they will automatically refund my credit card? Have you guys tried logging on again and placing more orders for more tickets?
  8. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    i think you cant order more than 4 at the same time. but you can always come back and order more in a seperate order after the first one goes thr.
  9. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Yay! Thanx for postin this up! :laugh: :dance: :) :p :laugh: :dance: :) :p :dance: :laugh: :unsure: :p
  10. Bright Ideas

    Bright Ideas Full Member

    Great offer. Thank you candice :)
  11. eklizard

    eklizard Full Member

    Anyone try this yet? What do you enter for a client number? This is a good deal. Thanks for posting!
  12. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    client number is 0000001. i think.
  13. Jayla

    Jayla New Member

    Thank you so much, xcandiceyue.

    I just ordered 4. For a movie fan, this is unbelievably good! And it\'s right before the summer movie season.
  14. michelle_xo

    michelle_xo Full Member

    that\'s a great offer xcandiceyue. i\'m gonna order a couple...
    here\'s a karma point@_@

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