Clothing Transfer from Aritzia?

Discussion in 'Aritzia' started by karebear, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. karebear

    karebear Full Member

    i went into the RC store today and wanted to buy this sweater. they didn't have the size so the girl helped me order it (probably from the warehouse)
    i paid for it and everything, i looked at the recipet afterwards and realized i was charged an extra 6 dollars. does anyone know if it's for the "delivery" charges?!?! i mean doesn't the company cover that?! i could so easily just go to like metro and get it and not be charged that extra money !

    edit: oh yea the 6 dollars was from like some kinda of "tax"
  2. karebear

    karebear Full Member

    bump bump =S
    i really wana know
  3. emcee

    emcee Full Member

    No idea. It could be from the delivery charges, but I kindaaa doubt it...I mean I don't think they should be able to charge you something like that without notifying you first (and it seems like you had no idea about it). So it was just a completely new charge? If I was you I would go back and ask them about it, cause it sounds kinda sketchy. To be honest, they really shouldn't charge you anything at all for a service like that because ultimately you are still purchasing something and are still making them money...if it was a delivery charge that'd be suuuch bad customer service!
  4. Missy85

    Missy85 Full Member

    I know they don't charge for delivery, I've gotten store transfers a couple of times and never have extra charges. You do get charged tax for the clothes, but that's about it. You might want to go back and find out why that is there, could be a mistake on their part.
  5. karebear

    karebear Full Member

    okay i recalculated the receipt and i found out the tax was okay but the way they put it is like "wtf"

    first they have like
    then they have
    "Dest Tax#1 @ 5%"
    "Dest Tax #2 @ 7%"

    i dont know why they seperated.... actually probably cuz it was from another location,
    but they add up to the right amount of tax :p
  6. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    wtf ? thats so dumb, i would go back and ask
  7. AmourDolce

    AmourDolce Full Member

    go back and ask. like missy85 said, I've been through whole transfer thing before. They didn't charge me with "dest tax(?)" either. Maybe the girl made a mistake and accidentally added tax twice?
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