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  1. lovely.

    lovely. New Member

    Hi, im not sure what the store name is called but its a store where they make cookies and put designs on them .. its beside the foodcourt @ metrotown and i was planning to buy one for a friend's birthday, how much does it cost ? how long will it take to order it ? its my first time buying from the place :( thanksss guy ! :D
  2. jkfrocks

    jkfrocks Full Member

    It's Mrs. Fields!!!

    Here's their pricing that I got off the website. It is for TORONTO, but prob similar to Vancouver:

    Cookie Card

    Personalize your gift with the Mrs. Fields Cookie Card. Great for those special occasions, this 8" x 6" cookie is sure to melt their hearts and taste buds all at once. Packaged in a unique box, complete with
    dedicated area to personalize your message. [​IMG] Cookie Card $12.52

    Big Decorated Cookies
    [​IMG] 10" big cookie (round or heart-shape), serves 6-8, $18.24
    [​IMG] 13" big cookie (round only), serves 10-15, $20.52
    [​IMG] 14"or 16" big cookie ( heart-shape) $25.65
    [​IMG] half-slab or half-sheet (rectangular), serves 20-25, $34.99
    [​IMG] full-slab or full-sheet (rectangular), serves 40-50, $49.98

    CALL THEM: (604) 438-3182
  3. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    its called miss fields, takes around 30 minutes to pick up
    they come in different sizes, so i dont remember all the prices
  4. shadesofgrey

    shadesofgrey Full Member

    I bought one for my friend for her bday before too! The above prices look about right. You'd probably be safe to order the day before, since they probably make it fresh the morning of..?
  5. kma

    kma Member

    you can order the day of and they'll make it for you within 30 minutes. i believe the 10" is about $20.
  6. missorangeee

    missorangeee Full Member

    Hmm how are the cookies there? Once my friend got one for a friend's birthday and she said it was super sweet tasting. Would someone who doesn't particularly have a sweet tooth enjoy it?
  7. jkfrocks

    jkfrocks Full Member

    My favourite is the white chocolate macadamia. They should have less sweet "grown-uppy" options though like the oatmeal raison or semisweet pecans.

    If you're in doubt, go buy a mini cookie to try. They're bite-sized. If you go near store closing it's like 6 for $2.25. ==)

    Their bite-size brownies are really good too.
  8. nyoung

    nyoung Full Member

    they are yummy for sure, but SINFULLY sweet! the icing sweetness and the cookie sweetness.... overload :p
  9. meeshelle_

    meeshelle_ Full Member

    i got one for my friend's birthday. the biggest one is $25 tax include. the medium size $15 and the smaller one about $10? not too sure on the smaller one. oh yep it's called ms. fields. like mention it does takes about 30 minutes to be ready.

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