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    no offense but red earth and mac has the WORST powder/ foundation. they dry up ur skin really fast and they clog ur pores. I took a dematology course and so I researched different brands of cosmetics and those are the worst on the list.. of course there are cheaper brands..but for the prices red earth and mac has.they dun give u the quality that u deserve..

    i like shiseido, dior, and NUSKIN.. NUSKIN is actually the best for your skin~
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    You say you like Dior powder? Did you know it contains high amounts of unnecessary and irritating frangrace? Shiseido is another brand the contains irritating added fragrances. Do you mean you took an esthetics course not a dematology course because i\'m sure you would know of this too. Red Earth isn\'t considered high-priced but it\'s eveyones own opinion and we all respect that.:kiss:
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    That\'s true everyone has their own oppinion but I prefer a little pricier such as lancome or shishedo or french stuff just because it does less harm but what do i know.... I always thought more expensive make up does better for your skin than cheap stuff like loreal or cover girl to me those foundations dont blend as good as i thought it would be so it sits on my table a waste i dont use it ... estee lauder has good foundation but pricey so i guess its up to the buyer.

    (yea... i got more informal in my writing as you read on. ^_^\")

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