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  1. mimoo

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    babyblues... i was wondering, if i brought in a picture of something i wanted, could they make it? b/c i realli wanted this dress at after 5 and it tunred out to be 6 hundred something. and if i got it custom made, it fit better and probally be cheaper too. so when yooh designed it, was it in total details or something? and where was this store specificly? thanks in advance.

    Otherwise, what do you guys prefer? do you think that custom made is better and more convenient?
  2. Babyblues

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    i just drew a sketch out of what i wanted and they did it EXACTLY as how i wanted it. so if you brought in a picture then you could do it.
    for my gf\'s wedding last summer she was thinking of taking a picture of the bridesmaids dress that she liked and then get the woman to make it. instead she found a picture in a magazine and got it made
    it actually looked better than in the magazine
    and the best thing about getting it made, is that it will FIT you how you want it.
    i went to the little bridal shop with the pink awning on hastings in e.van across from kootenay loop. it\'s on hastings btwn skeena and boundary. i think they may have changed hands though.
    you can always go there and even ask around......there are sometimes girls moms or aunts who make dresses as well.
  3. jmw1

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    When I went grad dress shopping, custom made dresses were expensive. I guess it depends on what you want though. However, most seemed to be around 500+
  4. Katie

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    I got my grad dress made for my graduation. It was the stores design, but they custom made it for me, changing it however i wanted. It was amazing!! they had pictures and pictures of all the dresses theyve custom made, and on one side of the albums would be a picture of the persons drawing, or magazine cutout of their ideal dress, and on the opposite side was what the dress turned out to be. and they were always soo amazingly close to the pictures.
    And awesome prices as well. My dress cost me $499, and for custom made thats amazing. most of my girlfriends paid that for just their dress and THEN had to pay another 100-200 for alterations.

    The store was called Charm and its on hastings, near the kootney loop, theres a bunch of bridal stores there. This one was great. The ladies there were a little hard to understand but they always listened and added all the little details.

    like they put some safety pins on the under side of my dress, so that when i was danccing at the dinner i could pin up the under layer so it would be in the way.
    it was great!!

    i\'m not sure if this will show up, but heres a picture of my dress

  5. jmw1

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    oo I went into that store. It had some really nice dresses. I remember a lot looking like your dress. Cute
  6. Katie

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    thanks. yeah theres a lot of those colours this season. it was pretty unique last year when i graduated. but i\'ve seen alot similar this year.
    i\'m glad, i love those colours, that dress was so me.
    my girlfriends and i get together every few months and have secret-grad-dress parties...just for excuses to wear them again ;) we sit around and eat , watch tv, its great fun :laugh:
  7. mimoo

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    wow, wells is it that price for a dress that isnt puffy? b/c the one i wanted is alreadi 568.00 w/o alteraions or tax.... i thought it would be cheaper for alterations.:blink:
  8. Katie

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    yeah alterations aren\'t cheap. thats why its like the same price to just get it made.

    that price was for just the dress custom made, and then you can buy the stuff that goes underneath to make it puffy. but i didn\'t like that .
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    luxelife: you\'re more than welcome to post your comments, however, please create an appropriate topic ..thanks B)

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