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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by fro, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. fro

    fro Full Member

    i use to dance with a skool b4 i moved i was wondering i wanted to get back into it..does anyone kno of any good dance skools or anything like that?..mostly hip hop and break?..not like those kiddy classes tho! lol any help wud be appreciated...o and if its sumwhere located in rmd van or surrey area..thanks:p
  2. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Harbour Dance Studio is good for hip hop and of my best guy friends goes there and then to some other places around vancouver during the week that play good music to break and what not. I can ask him, but i do know it\'s around vancouver tho
  3. canido

    canido Full Member

    What kind of dancing are you into?
  4. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Try your local Richmond/Surrey highschool for nightschool dance classes. Alot of Vancouver highschools offer these programs for cheap. When I lived downtown before, I used to go to the \"Roundhouse Community Centre\" on Pacific Blvd and they have dance classes there. Better yet just hit up any clubs on the weekends and watch people dance to get dance moves! I\'d teach you myself but I\'m not that fabulous (modest me). :p
  5. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    I have tons of friends who do dance at Dance Co. It\'s supposed to be really good! They do hip hop, tap, ballet and jazz there. I\'ll get more info from them tomorrow. :)
  6. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    yea, harbour\'s a good choice.. it\'s mostly drop in and the price range is 12 to 15... the teachers are usually local semi professional dancers or teach at other more curriculum based dance schools.. levels range from early beginners to former professional dancers.. it\'s a good place to go if you used to serious about dancing but have stopped for awhile... it\'s location is kinda hidden.. but it\'s right next to the big gigantic Tom Lee Music store downtown.. there\'s a small door entry and you have to walk up 3 flights of stairs

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    in richmond, there\'s also \"The Studio\".. i haven\'t danced there, but a few of friends go there sometimes.. it\'s along alderbridge.. across from the tim horton\'s and the big furniture stores
  7. fro

    fro Full Member

    ok thanks guys!...yah i wana try all types but im mostly hip hopish...and i checked out harbour site it seems more drop in like u said then a serious level? do these places actually go around and compete?...
  8. saldisaldi

    saldisaldi New Member

    I go to Encore Dance Academy in it there.

    You can take 5 lesson classes or September-June classes.

    Moderate prices.

    They have classes for all ages.
  9. sweettooshie

    sweettooshie Full Member

    ohh.. okok competitions? alright.. i went to vancouver academy of dance (locations in vancouver and richmond) for about.. uh.. 7 or 8 years? yea u\'re expected to compete there in about... um 5 different local competitions
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    okok there\'s also richmond academy of dance.. mostly known for ballet.. but their hip hop group is quite strong as well.. (i used to compete against them) and they just renovated the whole school like 2 years ago.. the studio\'s really nice now

    so there.. good luck =D
  10. canido

    canido Full Member

    yeah my sister goes to Richmond Academy of Dance and it\'s good!! they are actualy serious about dancing, so if you are should go there, they are pretty strict.

    If you go to university, check out what they have for clubs and such. UBC has an awesome hip hop class, tuesday @ 5-6:30 but i don\'t know if they are open for the general public. And you pay for the whole term, so i don\'t know that fits you...but it\'s definitely cheap though compared to otherplaces.
  11. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Well, the Dance Co. site turns out to be all salsa and that. But, it\'s actually hip hop. :S
  12. marcia

    marcia New Member

    You can also do drop ins at UBC or you can opt for the whole term/year. i don\'t think they do competitions, although i think they have a show at the end of the year. Harbour is a really good drop in centre for all types of dance. But if you\'re looking to do competitions, then you\'d probably have to go to a dance school (and join their competitive classes). Or what you can do is, get privates with an instructor to learn a dance (not just a combo) and register yourself into the competitions.
  13. fro

    fro Full Member

    ok ok thanks guyss!..ill be sure to check them all out ..i kno bout the richmond one since i live here but it seemed smaller compared to others like dance co.?..i luked up danc co on the net and they have some amazing for harbour it seems like a drop in thingy only...


    dance co mentions that they do compete but there lessons are frum u kno if they travel to seatlle and cali during these times or after in the summer?...just cuz im in college duno how i wud work around that..thanks!
  14. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    They don\'t travel at all, from what I know. My friends tell me that the competitions are alawys in Richmond, so that\'s close to here. :)
  15. reenuh.

    reenuh. Full Member

    go to dream dance studios. They have just newly opened in late september 2005, but i have been dancing with the teacher for about 2 years now. Some people ahve been with her longer. Shes awesome. competitions are great, my group got first place for the last one i competed in. Dances are original. They offer all types of dance. I do hip hop. They also have jazz, ballet, interpretive, bboying and they may have a few other. There are also tech classes so in additional to being in a regular dance class there is another class to better your skills. and its like half the price of the regular dance class.:)

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