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Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by natpell, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. natpell

    natpell Full Member

    is dine out vancouver a good bang for your buck ...
    aslo do they treat you worse cuase you are using dine out vancouver???
  2. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Hi Natpell,

    I think it is worth the money. You get to try a bunch or different types of food which you may never try for only 15, 25, 35 dollars.

    I went to Monk McQueens this evening and i had a great time. The server was really nice, ( we bought a $35 bottle of wine) but anyways she was really friendly. The food was awesome in my opnion. Very different, very tasty. A nice mix of different senses. Something very different than what we would usually order.

    I would definitely go again to try another place!!

    have fun!!!

    ~Jadore Dior

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  3. April

    April Full Member

    It depends on the place. Some are a really good deal, some you save maybe a buck or two and some are a rip-off.

    They might treat you \'worse\' only because they happen to be really busy during Dine Out...but I haven\'t experienced that myself.
  4. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i went to the dockside restaurant at the granville island hotel last night and it was amazing!!!!
    it was a $25 course- my boyfriend and i had an amazing appetizer sampler with 4 or 5 kinds of appetizers, i had the duck breast and my boyfriend had the lamb sirloin with goat chesse inside and both were fantastic! the dessert was the best- i had their creme brulee and my boyfriend had their special chocolate cake. OH MY WHERE THEY GOOD!!
    it was definitely work our money- the entrees cost about $27-30 on the regular menu and the desserts were about $8-10 too. you do the math.
    i\'m going to the UBC golf course restaurant on friday because they have extended their dine out vancouver till the 4th.
    its a $15 course- but the menu sounds really good!
  5. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    I\'m so out of the loop.

    Do you just go to the restaurants, and they have this set menu already? Or do you have to have special pre-bought tickets?
  6. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member


    try this link:

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    basically, you chose from a set menu, $15, $25, or $35 per person.

    you then call up the restaurant you\'re interested in, and make reservations and say you want to do the dine out menu..

    enjoy! let us know which restaurant you end up going to :laugh:
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