Dish Jeans Spring Break Sale

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by Babyblues, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Got this through my email:

    Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale.......? Don\'t miss this one........Dish and more at great prices!

    6940 14th Avenue
    Burnaby BC V3N 1Y9
    604-527-6669 - store
    OPEN MONDAY, March 13th 10 to 5:30 PM, of the SPRING BREAK SALE\'S WEEK!

    Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 5:30 PM
    Sundays & Holidays 12 to 5 PM

    [img size=419][/img]
  2. fro

    fro Full Member

    dish makes their stuff a lil bigger..ive heard ppl say this..and its true..their smallest size is still a lill loose on me:( ..not fair i wana go!
  3. xoxjuicy

    xoxjuicy Full Member

    ohh thanks!! I\'m going to try to go!
    ^Ya I know, they do make some stuff a little bigger, some sizes are different than in the stores.
  4. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Ya they do make their stuff a bit bigger, but if you just want some jeans to wear out and about, like casual ones\', then it\'s no big deal if they\'re a bit baggy....put a belt on and you can\'t really notice.
  5. canido

    canido Full Member

    If anyone has gone to the Dish outlet, mind sharing with us if it was any good! thnx in advance. =)
  6. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    i went when they had their factory sale and picked up some dish track pants for $4, jeans for $9.99, a nice black jacket for $10, and a few shirts for $5
    It was really good, when i was there for the factory sale....don\'t know about when they have their regular sale, i\'m assuming it\'s the same.
  7. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Either way, if you like dish stuff and you are looking at getting some of their jean\'s it doesn\'t hurt to go and check it out. If you\'re in burnaby, or new west it\'s really close so it\'s not like you\'re driving out of your way to go and see it.
    But ya, when i went to the factory sale it was pretty much a mad house of people grabbing everything and anything they could get.....then again that\'s what \"good\" factory sales are like lol

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  8. Kappamaki

    Kappamaki New Member

    I\'ve been to their warehouse sale and their outlet. The warehouse sale is a lot better, IHO. The outlet is quite small and has limited stock so be sure to ask if they have stuff in the back. Prices aren\'t as dirt cheap as the warehouse sale. If you like Dish stuff go to their outlet. They don\'t have the warehouse sale very often but they do have the 20% off sale at least twice every season.
  9. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah thats true..but i dunt like my pants hanging lol..i dunt mind gettin other items they make tho..but those r pretti good deals..compared to places like off the wall they relli jack there prices up! :evil:

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