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Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by jadore_dior, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. jadore_dior

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    Hey yall,

    I went to the Guess customer appreciation sale and bought jeans. I was looking for a place to get them hemmed becuase the lady that usually does my jeans was too busy and I kinda wanted it done for tonite.

    anyways so i looked on and found a place close by in vancouver called \"coutesy cleaners\" on Joyce and Kingway near the 7-11 and Dommino\'s pizza. So i phoned the place and asked if it was possible to have them done by closing and if not that\'s ok i\'ll look around and she said \"yes, it can be done by tonite\".

    So..I took my NEW Guess jeans, my never worn NEW capris, and my NEW juicy couture velour cargo pants to get altered. Usually Guess jeans I don\'t have to alter and usually Juicy couture also fits but for some reason this time i did need them hemmed.

    So I just got back from picking them up and while i was still in the car i took a look and to my disgust they were really horribly done!!!

    My new Guess jeans (which still had the tag on them) looked like she cut it too short then tried to sew it back on!! looks soo horrible I don\'t even know if i can wear it!!

    My New Guess capris- the hemming was so high that it looks wierd, also it\'s very crooked.

    My Juicy couture velour pants- I wanted the original type of hemming and she said they could do it and when i looked at it it was 2 lines that were sooo crooked my 8 year old cousin could probably do better!!!

    I went back and complained and she said that she\'ll re-do it and I can pick it up on Wednesday... I said to her \"today is friday and you told me it could be all done\" she said it takes time. I asked her why she didn\'t tell me it would be a rushed sloppy job and then she proceded to tell me it looked fine. I was soooo angry at this time. She ruined my 3 items!!!

    I told her I don\'t want her touching my jeans after how she ruined them and I wanted a refund. She said she broke 2 needles and couldn\'t give me a refund. I then told her that I could have done a better job myself but I came here and paid YOU to do it becuase I don\'t have the time to do it myself.

    She ended up giving me $10 back. I paid $25 and gave a few dollars extra when i paid. i\'m sooo angry !!! and I was so stupid to pay before I got it back!!!

    Guess capris


    Guess Jeans


    Juicy Couture


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  2. mk04

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    i can totally sympathize jadore dior!!! :( that really really sucks!! especially since u havent even gotten a chance to wear your clothes, only if there was a way to complain about it at another level...
  3. Babyblues

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    i know this is going the extreme, but if nothing, you could always take her to small claims court, or call up those tv stations that do small searches when customers have received horrible service......complain to the better business bureau (BBB) and if she is part of them, then they\'ll look into it.....DON\'T take the tags can look up the BBB on the internet and see if she\'s part of it.

    good luck though :)
  4. sonia7

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    omg thats like worst thing possible! aww i am soo soory that had to happen to you, i mean geeze u think someone cud hem a damn pair of pants properly-(its not rocket science-me yelling at the lady for u in my mind):)
  5. HarajukuLover

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    After seeing your pics I\'m disgusted by da results. That is really appalling what that b*tch put you through! :angry: How can she possibly sleep at night knowin she lied thru her teeth when she said to u about how da sewing was fine and ok!? How can she possibly hand da altered items to you and consider her alterations as satisfactory??!!!! Da pictures speak for themselves!!! They seriously do NOT look as if a professional altered em. They look like as if she handed your items to her 10 yr old daughter to sew! I can\'t believe there are merchants out there who are so dishonest and horrible as her! Too bad you paid upfront before da items were altered. And I can\'t believe she tried to explain to you how she broke 2 needles sewing ur jeans. How much are da needles? Like a dollar!!!?? Geeeez! Not only should she have refunded you in FULL. But she should\'ve reimbursed u in FULL for da jeans that she ruined. I mean they totally look as if she cut em too short and tried her best to elongate da hem! ewww! I wouldn\'t dare wear em out like that! Seriously bring her to small claims court so you can recover da alteration funds as well as have her reimburse u in full for da cost of new jeans! I would\'ve just called da police right then and there so that da police could document da incident which would help you in small claims court. Update us on wut happens okie! :pinch:
  6. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    (continued from above)

    I\'ve never done any alterations before on my clothes cuz I guess I\'m da perfect height for clothes? :blink: Dunno lol. But I went wit a friend of mine to a place in Metrotown that wuz pretty good. It\'s on da older Metrotown side of the mall on da top floor by a salon. Da lady was real nice and did a good job on her Hudson jeans. Maybe u wanna try them out next time :) Good luck :)
  7. Katie

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    omg. i can\'t believe that.
    you should definitely call the BBB or a local news station.
    thats TERRIBLE :angry:
  8. myalicious

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    yep I heard that place in metrotown in good too. The BEST place though for alterations is in champlain heights almost by burnaby. I think its caused george\'s cleaners and its run by the sweetest japanese couple.
  9. tamara

    tamara Full Member

    i know the place at metro that you are talking about...its called make it fit tailoring and i take my stuff there too. they do a good job and usually have it ready the same day for me.
  10. Sales! Sales! Sales!

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    Yeah Harajuku\'s right. You shoulda called the cops. If you brought police paperwork to court, you\'ll win hands down for sure. No one can argue with the law right sweetie? Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda. Anyway I agree with the other ppl: call the Better Business Bureau to see how you can proceed with this matter. You can take the stitching out of the capri\'s and the velour pants but it looks like they did irreparable damage to the denims. If I were you I would demand compensation for the denims and get your $25 back. Because you\'re going to have to take out the stitching on the capri\'s and velour pants anyway. So in essence, she didn\'t even perform the tasks that she was paid to do cuz you have to re-do her mistakes.
  11. Bright Ideas

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    ummmm I dont think she can just take the stitching outta her velour pants and re-sew them coz there will be marks (indentations) in the delicate velour material after you take the stitching out. If you take the stitching out then you might see a ring (indentation) around your pant hems from where she screwed up. :eek:hmy:
  12. jadore_dior

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    Thanks for all your support. Right now they are all hanging in my closet.. not sure if i should even attempt to try and get them re-done.

    Would small claims court actually consider this? I definatly will call the Better Buisness Burreau and let them know of the incident.

    Thanks again!!!
  13. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

    Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Full Member

    Vandalize her store :evil:
  14. canido

    canido Full Member

    Wow I can\'t believe a professional altering shop could do a job as horrible as that, i mean..even i can do better than that..and i am HORRIBLE at any kind of art work.

    Yeah, i should ask her to compensate you for the jeans and juicy pants that she ruined, it\'s new and it\'s not cheap. And if you do suit a claim, you should also how the even caused you mental distress~ ahahahha. well it did, didn\'t it?
  15. XcessiVe

    XcessiVe Full Member

    It\'s clear that the woman took advantage of the fact that you paid first before the work was done. Once the money passed thru her hands she couldn\'t care less about how your items turned out. Always better to pay after you examine the workmanship of the finished product. And it\'s good to also claim $ for the mental distress this situation caused you. :dry:
  16. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah ive had my fair share of seemstress and i kno how some are worse then me lol..i bet she just thought she cud make money and offered to them as a \"rush order\"...wen u told her ud luk around if she couldnt she decided loss sale so she mite as well...but yesh defintley contact BBB...and then see where u can go frum there...but for me the best absolute best place ive encountered for alterations is the place in rmd center forget the name..but its across pet habitat near shoppers..ive gotten alot things done there for good price and relli gud rock and republics which were like 4 inchs to long were done in the priginal hem and the two legs were EXACTLY the same like take those 3 items somwhere else after contacting sure sumthin can be done! :)
  17. LOL true true [ street justice > justice ] we think the same ^_^

    its sad how ppl these days think they can just take the money and do a crappy job. yeah btw small claims court is anything under 25,000 last time i checked so yeah u can sue them.

    give them fair warning tho, go back one more time and tell them u are prepared to sue them unless they recompensate you:

    - for initial damages done
    - cost of driving back and forth
    - time wasted

    BEST OF LUCK!! if nothing works --> throw a rock
  18. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Option 1: Open claim for compensation of funds

    Option 2: Sweet revenge. Isn\'t life a bitch? :lol:
  19. Material Girl

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    Don\'t feel bad because other ppl all over the world has run into bad alteration issues too: Please login or register to view links
  20. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Thanks everyone for your advice and support =)

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