Does anybody work at American Eagle, Zara, or Bluenotes? Experience..?

Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Sweet..Tooth, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. Sweet..Tooth

    Sweet..Tooth Full Member

    Hmmm...I have been dying to get a job for awhile to feed my expensive shopping habits. So..while I was at the mall today, I saw hiring signs at American Eagle but my friend said Bluenotes and Zara are hiring as well. So I was wondering if anybody have worked at those places recently and can share their experiences with everybody and perhapes show me a sample of your cover letter. (I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO WRITE ONE) :p And umm.. if you guys know of anywhere else that's hiring, please tell me. Now, go crazy and bomb the page.
  2. supatsa

    supatsa Full Member

    try google to find a good example on how to do a cover letter.
    I heard American Eagle at Metro is shitty work at.
  3. v13co

    v13co Full Member

    you don't really have to write a cover letter. just get an application form and submit it with your resume
  4. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    yea, cuz its so get yelled at a lot during your first bit ><
  5. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    I have friends that worked at AE and bluenotes. many of them didn't like working at AE. I think they said they get 50% off on regular priced. bluenote was alright. but for AE, you have to wear their clothes and for bluenotes, plain t-shirts are fine. i don't know about zara.

    there's a bunch of cover letters on googles.
  6. kerlerfer

    kerlerfer Full Member

    It seems that nobody likes working for retail. Especially clothing retail cos there's clothes everywhere that you have to put away. You should apply for an easy cashiers job or partime entry clerk where you just file stuff and answer easy phone calls.
  7. Sweet..Tooth

    Sweet..Tooth Full Member

    Oooh~ Thanks you guys. Well.. AE does sound pretty shitty, I wonder if I can apply for Bluenotes and Zara now. I kinda wanna work in retail since there's the employment discount but also because I dont see many other hiring signs for part time jobs. I mostly hang around malls and downtown, not so much of business places and I mean I really dont want the first job I have to be a greesy fastfood place.
  8. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Zara sounds sexier, but it's just as busy and annoying as AE I think. I heard it takes up to 2 hours to clean up the mess sometimes after closing =\

    I have two friends working @ Zara in metro right now (one of them owes me a favor). Let me know if you need anything =P
  9. jennifer m

    jennifer m Full Member

    Yeah, I heard the one in PC is the same LOL
  10. y0_Linny

    y0_Linny Full Member

    I think any American Eagle is shitty work. I live in the US, and I have a lot of friends who used to work at AE, Hollister and Abercrombie. Everyone said the same thing. There's a lot of work involved whether it be cleaning up after people, constant folding, getting out the new stock, or staying late. One of my friends said she had to come in at 4am to put out the new stock and fold everything! Crazy, huh?
  11. shadesofgrey

    shadesofgrey Full Member

    I've worked at Zara Robson before. I didn't like it. Quit after three months. They don't put a lot of emphasis on customer a customer, you may have noticed this already. If you like folding clothes all day and cleaning up after people, then you'll like this job. I mean, I know all fashion retail jobs require this, but I've worked at other places before, and the people were relatively nicer (both customers and coworkers) and the place wasn't as messy.

    Oh, and you only get 15% discount after...I think it was two months.
  12. FloraFlower

    FloraFlower Full Member

    Trying to get a job eh moncia? :p
    I'd totally work at Zara, American Eagle sounds pretty shitty though...
  13. FloraFlower

    FloraFlower Full Member

    Are all sales associate jobs minimum wage? ><"
  14. Sweet..Tooth

    Sweet..Tooth Full Member

    You said that yesterday already.. But after DF got a job at Zara, i donno if they're still hiring. Sides, Flora you know i need the money since im a makeup junkie. YOU NEEDA GET A JOB TOO~ And thanks everybody, retail sounds really really shitty now.. IS ANY RESTURANT HIRING?
  15. shadesofgrey

    shadesofgrey Full Member

    It depends, but generally, yes.
  16. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    if you are 16, the bay downtown footwear, luggage and olympics department are desperate in need of people >_>
  17. cheesegrater

    cheesegrater Full Member

    ^ hmm i thought you had to be 19 to volunteer for the olympics? i wanted to volunteer, but yeah. i think i read it in the vancouver sun when they had a special about volunteering for it.
  18. Sweet..Tooth

    Sweet..Tooth Full Member

    7 more months till I am 16... I guess the postions will be filled by then. Some of my friends are working already....It's just me left. Thanks though :D
  19. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Sorry, I wasn't clear on my post. Read again =P
  20. cheesegrater

    cheesegrater Full Member

    ^ haha thanks.

    a couple of my friends worked at the bay downtown. they told me that the job was decent, but better than most retail jobs at places like aritzia, ae, etc.
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