Does Your Pinky Toe Look Like This?

Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by vonnie, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    So, my bf has these weird ass pinky toes.
    They're not straight like the rest of his toes, they curve inward into the 4th toe.
    Do your toes do this? Cuz mine certainly doesn't haha.

    It's not gross, just super weird. :sideways:
    Looks kinda like the hunchback of pinky toes.

    Exhibit A: (see how the pinky toe goes into the 4th toe?)

    Exhibit B: (his toenail touches the ground)

    He told me to add that "for the record, I have no trouble with balance or walking"...

  2. pinkrose398

    pinkrose398 Full Member

    Yeah mine curves in, I think its because I have wider feet, but didn't realize that my feet were wide until this year, but still I don't bother buying wide shoes, LOL

    Edit: my toenail does not touch the ground though...
  3. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    no my pinky toes aren't like that. but the nail on one of my pinky toes is sorta messed up looking.
  4. Moldie

    Moldie Elite Member

    lmao it's so funny how you took pictures of it and posted it on mv's!

    I know some people with toes like that too..
  5. c4dm

    c4dm Elite Member

    No, mine are straight. LOL

    That looks kind of odd though :p
  6. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    Yeah he didn't think he had messed up toes until I told him, so now he's seeking other messed-up toes people lol.
  7. Moldie

    Moldie Elite Member

    i just noticed that my pink toes are a bit curved but my toenail does not touch the ground. it actually looks like my pink toe has a hump on it...
  8. mines are straight and i have wide feet but some of my friends have curved pinkies as well .. it is quite odd
  9. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    mine curl a bit, not as much as his tho
  10. miss_a.dub

    miss_a.dub Full Member

    it's funny how your bf let's you embarass him like that haha. it's kinda freaky! mine arent like that. mine are normal i think they are straight and lye flat without my toe nail touchin the ground.
  11. UBooboo

    UBooboo Full Member

    mine curl... and I like to think that's 'normal'... it's the straight ones that are weird! LOL
  12. gracie009

    gracie009 Full Member

    my pinky toe doesnt touch the floor but it does sorta curve inwards :S
  13. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    I heard its because of tight shoes...or slim shoes in your case :p All of my sister's toes curve in a bit because when she was a kid she wore shoes too small for her
  14. c4dm

    c4dm Elite Member

    New Messed-Up Toes Friends :wavespin: LOL
  15. babyykisses

    babyykisses Full Member

    Its genetics probably.? My pinky toe isnt like that, but my 4th toe curves in. Both of my brothers, my dad, grandma, and whoever else related from my dad's mom's side of the family has their 4th toe like that
  16. Cinnamonroll.Debe

    Cinnamonroll.Debe Full Member

    could it be because of his shoes? I knew a guy who had messed up pinky toes too because his work boots (the type with metal plating inside) were too tight for him.

    The same can go for girl who wear the wrong size of high heels~

    But no, my pinky toe doesn't look like that xp my big toe is the weird one though~
  17. blair

    blair Elite Member

    lol mine straight...
    does your boyfriend know you posted his toe pics on MV?? lol
  18. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    Yeah I think it's genetics. His mom has weird pinky toes like that too :laughing:
  19. vonnie

    vonnie Full Member

    He took the pics and asked me to put them on my forum and see if they have toes like that-
    I think it's because I told him his toes were ugly :laughing:
  20. Summerangel

    Summerangel Member

    Mine are straight... all my toes are straight... does that mean i'm normal or weird... i got confused lol

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