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Discussion in 'Automotive' started by tinkle, May 15, 2007.

  1. annasus92

    annasus92 Full Member

    Trinity Driving School (Richmond)
    Bill rules and he's a legend in Richmond heheh
  2. Channahcrux

    Channahcrux Full Member

    had someone named Chak and he was insane. kept pointing everywhere and kept talking and talking and talking.
    You can't overload a new driver the first time they drive.

    But yeah, I enrolled in YD and they had really helpful classes, and the instructor that came with them was really encouraging and nice.
    Pricey though. But wanted it over with.
  3. zetazeta

    zetazeta Full Member

    I went with a guy called Kelvin/calvin/kevin, who's just an independent driving instructor. He was really really good and I have already recommended him to like.... 5+ friends :p I took 8 lessons + 1 practice run around the examination routes, and aced the test. If you speak cantonese and want his number, shoot me a pm.
  4. helen12322

    helen12322 New Member

    i can't pm you. Can u pm the contact information. thanks
  5. GucciBebe

    GucciBebe Member

  6. Kit45

    Kit45 New Member

    I wanted to ask you all - how many lessons/hours of practice total did you have before passing your N?

    I just had my first lesson (out of 6) and my instructor actually thinks I'll be ready for the test after my 6th lesson (my test is in 3 weeks). I personally think he believes in me a bit too much. Might be because I had just a few hours practice beforehand with my dad (we probably only practiced 3-4 times). He's wayyy too busy to teach me now though :p
  7. Chirasu

    Chirasu Full Member

    Can anyone recommend a good english speaking driving instructor around Burnaby for less than $40/hr? I'm going for my class 5 road test near the end of July, and I want to take one lesson to verify that I'm doing everything correctly for the test. Please PM me or email me their contact info or website (luv.remix@hotmail.com) Thanks!
  8. angelcheng55

    angelcheng55 Full Member

    just found out my road test is on mon. july 9th and i really want to ace it. I havent been taking lessons since march... and i dont really like my driving instructor at the moment, can anyone recommend any that can just skip the intro and everything and focus more on the evaluation itself?
    pm me or send info to angelcheng_@hotmail.com
    thank youuu!
  9. any current recommendations for driving instructors? im planning on doing my class 5 soon and I want to brush up on my skills! thanks i'd appreciate it!
  10. tarrance17

    tarrance17 New Member

    New Day Driving school
    -teacher used to be icbc road test examineer
    -i passed with only 3 lessons with the guy
    -he'll give you a good deal if you ask
    -calm, friendly, and knowledgeable.

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