DUPE ALERT! China Glaze "Lorelei's Tiara" vs Sally Hansen Gem Crush "Showgirl Chic"

Discussion in 'Hair/Nails' started by j4joanne, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. j4joanne

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    Do you love sparkles and glitters? The super dense ones that covers in one swipe? Did you miss out on China Glaze's "Lorelei's Tiara" or prefer drugstore prices? :)

    I present you with member of Sally Hansen's newest glitter line up, Gem Crush's "Showgirl Chic"! :dance:

    Bottle Pic:

    Swatched 2 coats:


    So these two are pretty much dead on in my opinion. The swatch picture showed CG with more blue flecks of glitter, but with all glitter polishes, the amount of glitter you get each time is usually different. Both polishes applied really nicely in one coat and is definitely wearable as is, or add an extra coat for that extra punch ;) CG features their usual thin brush while SH has the flat and wide brush found in their Salon Manicure Line.

    I first found the Gem Crush Line in the states about 3 weeks ago, then today I saw them at my Port Coquitlam Wal-Mart, first time I saw these in Canada, for $5.97 each. There are 7 other colours in this collection and I do believe they are currently part of the permanent display!
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  2. bluepenpal

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    Ooooh Mmmm Geeeeeeeeeee

    First time I've seen this polish and I love it already!
  3. babyxxplicit

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    Love sparkly nail polish! But always a pain to take off =(

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