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  1. fro

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    ok so i have these few friends who hab been goin krazy latley because theres dis vietnamese lady that sells high end brand clothing in her house and SHE claims she gets shipments frum the states and all over and she does it wholesale..she sells thing like rock and republics sevens tru religion juicy etc....clothin bags...and she claims its 100% authentic..but get dis..SHE CHARGES $60 FOR THE VICTORIA BECKHAMS AND SEVENS AND ALL THOSE BRANDS!!!!...wen i heard this i was like wut da hell??..how can she possibly do dat if its real..and my friends arnt relli into spending the type of money i do to get these clothes so they belive its real...but im so mad cuz i spend like 200 300$!..i told my friend that i serisly think shes lying..and im thinkin bout going to see her stuff and take my original ones along to compare it..however my friend claims it luks SO real..nuthin diff even the tags..so i was wondering is there any way to tell the diff?..like serial numbers or sumthin..i kno inside the victoria beckhams theres sum number but they cud jus copy that too rite??...plz help im so frustrated i wana kno the truth!:evil:
  2. fefe

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    if its \"well made\" fake it would look EXACTLY the same i doubt theres any way of telling the difference. i really doubt theres a way of prooving it :dry: maybe you should just have a talk with your friends that you dont think its right.

    ohh you COULD try this but im not sure if it works since ive had no experience with it but. i take textiles in school and i was taught that each garnment carries a code number (on the label) with the letters starting with RN or WPL. This code identifies the garnments maker as found in the RN and WPL Encyclopedia.(which can be found in a local library) Its for people to track down the garnments maker in case of complaints or the need for costumer service beyond abilities of the store where the garnment was purchased. good luck :)

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  3. jadore_dior

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    I\'m sorry to say but stuff this lady\'s selling is most likely either fakes or Hot clothing.. meaning stolen. I\'\'m totally against these types of underground rings as this is what drives up the prices. It\'s illegal and un-ethical. It\'s usually gang related so i wouldn\'t even want to go to someones basement to check out anything no matter what the price. So don\'t feel too bad about buying it legit. The most you can do is give advice to your friends and educate them and let them decide for themselves.....:S
  4. fro

    fro Full Member

    haha yah but they arnt into spending so much like they dunt know it dat well and so sum of them are totaly thinkin its real..and yah it sucks cuz its not fair to us gurls who spend so much lol

    buut also fefe

    the serial number is the RN thing u mentioned...do u think that they can copy that as well?? if it was fake?..because for an example i checked my pants and the serial number is the same for all of them in that style..like if i bought the same thing again it wud be the same number...so can they copy that to>
  5. Ruby

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    The thing is you shouldnt be shocked about the price because all things are made really cheaply and sold more expensive so the brand name people can take all your money for what its worth so maybe whole sale is just only 60$ but the thing is its hard to tell if it\'s real or not, up to you whether or not you like it
  6. fro

    fro Full Member

    yah i kno that they arnt worth 300$..done alota shopping and stuff and they mark the price up more then 50% sometimes..but still you cannot even buy good jeans from like chgeap stores now a days for that much!..so it still doesnt make sense if there real and she just gets them to sell them for that much ..like j\'adore_ dior said im guessing fake or stolen...blah ill see for myself wen i go to her..and if it luks real i wud like it but i dun wana buy it cuz not worth it..well to me
  7. asper

    asper New Member

    If someone was selling a cure for cancer out of their house, and they said that they were a doctor, would you also believe them? Most likely, the vendor is selling counterfeit products. If she were a real entrepreneur, she\'d have a booth set up or she\'d be putting her stuff up on Ebay (yet another great source for selling counterfeit products).

    I heard someone mention that they went to the Prada Outlet in Italy, and even there, the stuff was expensive.

    So, what it comes down to is how the person who purchases the product feels about their purchase. Some people are very happy paying less for a fake that looks like the real thing and that the quality is not much different. Some people prefer buying authentic goods, and if that means waiting for the 50% off sale at Plenty to save money, then that is what they do. It is up to you to decide what you want to do. Or then again, you can always call Crimestoppers and snitch on this basement vendor.
  8. Mahgolh

    Mahgolh Full Member

    if you dont mind me asking..wer is this place that your talking about of the lady selling the clothes..thx:)
  9. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    oooooooooh...looks like someone is interested in buying fakie jeans. Right Mahgolh?
    :blush: Shame on u! lol.
  10. fro

    fro Full Member

    lol i have yet to learn more on her but had a friend that recently just purchased \"true religions\"..apparently she is waiting shipment..wen she gets it ima go check it and examine it lol..and if its fake and u still r interested i will let ppl kno tho i think its not worth it..
  11. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    I\'m totally against buying fakes (counterfeits) I would never buy things from anyone\'s basement. It could be a drug house where they pay imigrant women and children to shoplift and they sell these items and all the money goes back into gangs, drugs and prostitution.

    Remember if the price is too good to be true... it probably is...

    So think about the people who are forced into this occupation by drug dealers and remember that everytime you buy something from these basements, more money to the bad people who force these poor people to do such stuff.
  12. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    Why buy counterfeit/fake products when you can wear the authentic originals? If you can\'t afford the authentic originals, please don\'t try to be a poser by wearing fakes. That\'s just tacky! Shame, shame, double shame! :S

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