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Discussion in 'Hair/Nails' started by Husna, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Husna

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    Okay guys we need to establish a few nice salons. They must be good and also be fair in what they charge. So let me know of your experiences at some salon.

    I had my hair highlighted with a friend (she did it at work) who also works at a salon. But I got ripped off and my color faded really fast. Well she\'s a friend so you really cant say anything.:evil:
  2. jasmine06

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    I have been getting my hair done at Axis on Georgia and Thurlow the last few years. I go to Dean. Anyways I\'m always happy with the cut and it grows out super well (which is why I procrastinate so long before going back....haha). I usually just get a cut, but I got highlights last time and am really happy with those too. Axis also offers complimentary trims on your bangs whenever you want.

    Price wise I think cuts go for between $45-$60. For me, I got a cut and highlights for $160. Rather reasonable in my opinion.

    I have also gotten my hair done at Zootz on 4th Ave and Suki\'s. The hair cut I got at Zootz was just OK, and the cut I got at Suki\'s I hated (plus it was really expensive...almost $70 I think). It\'s possible it was just who I went to too....oh well, I\'m happy with Axis.
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  4. Minkie

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    B) Any feedback on Chatters Salon in Vancouver? Good? Which stylists are good?
  5. niicole_

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    Anyone have experience with Chatters? There's one really close to my house but I'm scared to try.
  6. Milani

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    A couple years ago.. I went to Zoots and they re-use their cape thing without washing and I'm just gonna say.. that I went home with bites all over my body. I talked to the manager and my stylist and they didn't even care.

  7. n_tamik0

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    Splash Beauty Studio is Best Salon for Men and Women in Vancouver!
    This is a hip, warm, relaxing and friendly place to get all of your pampering. Angie has been cutting my hair for years, she loves what she do and she cares what's best for you, not what's in your pocket!!! That is the most important thing...You can feel the comfortable, relaxing, 'green', friendly atmosphere, the moment you arrive. I have many friends who go to the other talented stylists at Splash; they're all well trained and has the same value, I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. My first manicure and pedicure were at Splash, it was the best ever, will defintely go again. I am trying to convince my male friends of the importance of this kind of grooming...and it is simply another relaxing way to get pampered. I think i've pretty much experienced all of their services. They provide pretty much all the services except for gel/acrylic nails because they believe that is not good for you, things that are not good for you, they don't offer, and they tell you that. They educate you every step of the way!! What's good, what's bad, they'll tell you. Also, they carry various lines of products, and they will recommend what's best for you. my favorite is RENE FURTERER and MOROCCANOIL that they carry, Man, those products are the best!!! not cheap, but definitely worth it!! Everything from that line is great~~ They also send out birthday cards and gifts for you, which MOST salons don't, they definitely care for their customers... Angie also specializes in WIGS and HAIRPIECES, she customade them for you, it's great! can't tell if they have it on at all... There is so many great things to say about this salon that I can go on and on.... go see it for yourself! Don't miss this extraordinary experience!

    Their information is:
    1093 west broadway,
    vancouver (intersection of spruce street and west broadway)
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    phone: 604-736-7500
    e-mail: [email protected]
    you can check prices and services they have on their website.
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