Fido Rant 1-877-622-2662 Anyone get a call from them?

Discussion in 'Mobile/Electronics' started by delster, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. delster

    delster Full Member

    So a while ago, I would get calls on my cell phone from this phone number 1-877-622-2662 and at first I didn't pick up because there was no reason for me to get a call from such a number. Then they started calling daily, so I picked it up a few times and I would always get dead air and a hang up and once, I just got a person who couldn't hear but kept going 'hello? hello?!" and hung up.

    I googled the number and turns out it's Fido telemarketing stuff! And seems they contracted another company to the sales for them. So pretty much what I'm getting is that they gave out my personal info to a third party? Now on top of calling me daily, they call me daily and they're doing it almost every hour! One time I got off work with 5 missed calls from them consistently every hour. I'm going to send an email to them (cause I'm pretty sure I'll flip out and yell on the phone and I don't want to be that customer) but I'm wondering if it's even worth staying with them... my contract is over in November.
  2. ltran1

    ltran1 Member

    I use to get the calls all the time too and I was really pissed off. One time they called me and I picked up and all I could hear on the other end was laughing and then they hung up. They constantly called everyday for a couple of weeks (I kept missing their call b/c I was at work and they would only call around 10:30 am). But when I finally answered one of their calls, it was a fido representative asking how I was liking my service and asked if I was satisfied.

    So all that time of harassing calls was just to see if I was satisfied with my plan and with the service. But ever since then I haven't had a call from them since. Hopefully they don't do this kind of stuff all the time b/c they will end up losing a lot of customers.
  3. ELLE

    ELLE Elite Member

    I got that too, but...thing is I never pick up my phone.
    I only pick up when the person texts me to tell me to call back then I call.
    I just don't pick up my phone...
    I've had that every 2 hours for 3 days. And eventually it just stopped because I didn't pick up lol and never called back either...haha

    On their website, there's a "Do not call" list, put your name on that!
  4. thischiq

    thischiq Full Member

    i get one from rogers everyday, on my house phone, mostly around 3 or around 6
    and since no one in my house every look at missed calls, i always see it -.-
  5. juicybrat

    juicybrat Moderator Staff Member

    i got a call from that number too a while ago...well..i remember the area code...

    but they were nice. they asked if i wanted 100 more text msgs with my text msg plan. im like hell yeah.

    i don't think fido gave yur number to a 3rd party cuz it's them who's calling u. i think if u take the time and answer the call..u might receive something nice =)
  6. delster

    delster Full Member

    I did that more than a month ago but I'm getting calls so I don't know. I just emailed Fido and asked them to take me off.

    Thanks, but the times I did pick up were the times I'd just get dead air and they'd hang up on me. The other times, they would call me while I was at school or work. I'd be find if they did it once in a while, but every hour every day is just a bit too much:unsure:
  7. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    I get telemarketing class as well from this weird 561 number saying i won a trip to cancun >>
  8. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    not directly related but ... i once had ppl from toronto asking me about my canadian tire account. they called none stop, i was like 15 at the time. i cant have an account and i keep telling them off but no, they keep coming back.
  9. piggysnout135

    piggysnout135 Full Member

    that number calls my house everyday and if i don't pick up they call every hour. i picked up once and there was no one. and the odd thing is, i don't even use fido anymore, i cancelled it after my phone drowned.
  10. roligrant

    roligrant Full Member

    Yeah that happened to me too and they left me a voice message that went on for like 5 minutes and all there is is like laughing and people mumbling and movement. They called me everyday 10-15 times for a month but I never answered. They've stopped since. So unprofessional x)
  11. dax

    dax Full Member

    Fido telemarketing calls used to be very frequent for me too but one day I picked up and demanded my number to be not contacted by them ever again....
  12. juicylicious

    juicylicious Full Member

    I got a call from them weeks ago but I didn't pick up. I called them back to be put in the "do not call" list but I STILL get calls from them!

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