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Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by Babyblues, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Babyblues

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    Hey Everyone, thought maybe you guys would be interested in this!

    There is an online sample sale that is held once per month (for a couple days at a time) and you can only shop if you sign up. It\'s called Planet Lulu

    They sell designer clothes that are either overstock, overbuys, or ones that have very slight flaws.

    They advertise that it\'s 50-75% off the prices

    It\'s on right now (March 22) and goes until the 24th. It takes like 2 min to sign up and then you can shop.

    I\'ve bought things there before, but the thing is, is that things go fast. i was gonna buy a few things, and then i went to hit checkout, and someone else had bought them.

    It does take a few weeks to get the stuff, but you can always send things back. I bought a pair of shoes, and when they came they were wayyyy to big, so i sent them back, and they refunded me my money, plus the shipping money (since i had to pay my own shipping)

    It doesn\'t cost anything to sign up, so if you\'re interested, then check it out.

    They also send monthly emails telling of their next sale.

    The website is: Please login or register to view links
  2. canido

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    That sounds awesome, so i JUST signed up with them. I\'ll let you guys know what i think of it once i start searching.
  3. assenav

    assenav New Member

    Hi, it says that i need to be invited in order to find out when the sales are? and then it asks for the name of the person who invited me and their email address? If you could give me that infomration, that would be GREAT :D

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