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  1. anyone know what to do about it?! i got a haircut and the dude used razor to layer it. in result, my hair is so frizzy now! at least i thinktht\'s what caused it. cause before my hir was really smooth.. but now it\'s coarse and frizzing like crazy on me.

  2. mk04

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    oh man thats sucks, i heard cuts with a razor are supposed to be reallllllly good. well i naturally have VERY frizzy hair and my solution is frizz-ease!!! also if ur hairs wavy/curly like mine, it definitely helps not to comb/brush it out after u shower.

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  3. HarajukuLover

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    Sorry to hear about ur hair bein frizzy after da haircut. I use a Joico smoothing product that works awesome when I get da frizzies. It\'s called Joico K-Pak Protect and Shine Serum and it comes packaged in a very small pump bottle. You only need to dispense a lil bit in ur palms and rub it into ur hair for awesome results! According to da bottle it says this: K-Pak Protect & Shine Serum seals and penetrates hair for ultimate protection inside and out. Creates smooth, silky, weightless sheen. Also defends against damage from thermal styling, UV rays and other environmental pollutants. Available sizes: 2 oz.

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  4. samantha

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    i agree with harajukulover. the Joico serum is awesome! or even try something that isn\'t a serum cuz a serum mite be too much. instead, try maybe like a light wax or a light creme based styling product cuz a serum will get rid of frizz but its not very good for styling unless u just always wear it straight. Try a wax u will get some style and versitility with it too!
  5. kaori

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    hi cookie_crumbs,

    I agree.. a serum is usually best. Anything with a light silicon base would be benificial for your hair. It coats the hair shaft and prevents it from looking frizzy and dry. Carefull not to use too much or your hair can look oily. Here are some that I reccomend.

    AG- Varnish
    The Body Shop\'s- Grapeseed glossing serum
    Bumble and Bumble\'s- De-frizz

    Or.. I find that Bumble and bumble\'s Styling Cream works wonders for frizzy hair. It\'s like a cream but for your hair. A little goes a long way. I like to apply when my hair is still damp. I find that the hair cream will not make your hair oily.
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    If you want pay good price try John Frieda BLONDE hair creme. It say: makes even straw-like hair smooth as silk. Only $8 at London Drugs or Superstore and make my hair so smooth and soft!
  7. oooh thanks so much everyone!

    harajukulover, how much is the one you use?!

    mk04, is frizz-ease the brand??

    hm for the serum do you apply it everytime you wash your hair.. or is it just a weekly thing? haha sorry i\'m a noob at hair and.. almost everything girly

  8. HarajukuLover

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    Hello Cookie_Crumbs!!! I got the Joico serum about half a year ago so I forgot da exact price but I think it was around $23.00. Are you gonna buy it or da other products that other ppl suggested? Talk to u soon! :laugh: :dance: :laugh: :dance: :laugh:
  9. i have no idea! LOL cause i need something for both styling and frizz control.. so i\'m kinda interested in the bumble and bumble BUT THEN AGAIN i say i wanna style my hair.. i always get too lazy. cause if i start playing around with my hair, i know i\'ll be in the bathroom for like 2hours and come out looking the same. i suck at the whole hair thing. LOL

    where can i buy your serum thingy??
  10. samantha

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    cookie_crumbs, why don\'t u just go into a salon and ask them what they would recommend? then ask them to try it on you. thats wut i do for clients. i make sure i try it on them make sure they can use it before they buy it or else its just a waste!
  11. Viv1985

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    Every good salon have joico stuff. Go to a good salon and buy it :)
  12. sonia7

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    u cud also ask ur hair stylist (if ur close) if she cud pick you up some , b/c they get really good discounts- some of my friends do that,
  13. jennifer.

    jennifer. Full Member i had the same problem but i went to my hair
    stylist and they recomened farouk usa biosilk silk therapy...
    it works soo good!!! and i got a good deal on it because i went
    to my hair stylist...hope that helps!!!:smile:

    M!SS.HOLLYWOOD Full Member

    at the end of your shower, DON'T turn off the water yet but change it to cold. This will close up the cuticles in your hair because hot water opens them up. Or put cream in your hair before blow drying it (someone told me that..don't know if it works though)
  15. bombshell

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    for frizzy hair:
    a comb, not a brush
    squeeze your hair dry with a towel, rather than rubbing
    conditioner after every wash
    low/cold heat when blow drying your hair
    try different products for frizzy hair
  16. babygrl

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    blowdrying your hair instead of hair drying
    straightening your hair
    frizz control products

    those all work =D!
  17. CANDY

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    yes, razor causes frizz because razor cuts the hair on an angle. bed head has an anti-frizz shampoo. you could use any anti-frizz except drug store ones because they weight the hair down and causes built up. another way, is to get another hair cut which doesn't involve razor.
    yup, it's true.
  18. jadore_dior

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    I love Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme. It works so good on frizzy hair.
  19. spliffette

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    The best De Frizz Serum is from Sephora by Oscar Blandi, a bit pricey, but its the best to smooth hair out.
    Also i use the Ojon product line.

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