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Discussion in 'Makeup/Skin' started by Sales! Sales! Sales!, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    Aside from tanning salons, which self-tanning body bronzers do you all recommend? I\'ve tried alot and find that the color turns out orange! Not natural at all! :blink:
  2. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    I\'ve only used Banana Boat.. seems to work well for me. Can\'t say for the other brands.
  3. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    i like jergens natural glow as well!
    i use the one for medium skin tones.
    it works well for me as well!
    i like it because i don\'t have to worry about streaking that much... it does streak if you don\'t blend it in well, but not so noticeable as other one-time self-tanners.

    i also got the face moistureizer too by the same brand!
    its not oily at all!
    i\'ve only been using it for 3 days so i\'m not sure if i\'ve built a tan at all, but looks hopeful! =)
  4. samantha

    samantha Full Member

    Make sure to exfoliate!:cheer:
  5. Katie

    Katie Full Member


    the colour of that photo makes it hard to see, but i\'m EXTREMELY pale. I burn immediatley in the summers, and am usually always pink if i\'m not lathered in sunscreen.
    Although i\'m proud of my pale skin, and doing everything i can to keep it healthy. but it would be nice to have a little glow to start off the summer ESPecailly on my legs :unsure: they\'re pretty white. Anyways any one in my situation, who doesnt want to be un-naturally tanned and has really pale skin? I just want a little colour but i\'m soo nervous about tanning lotions and becoming orange or streaked :blush:

    I\'ve tried Mystic Tan before and it works, but it can be expensive upkeep.
  6. HarajukuLover

    HarajukuLover Full Member

    Hi Katie! Props to you for being naturally pale! :laugh: If you\'re not into tanning beds, try a bronzing lotion that gives you an instant tan without waiting for da color to develop. I\'ve tried self-tanners like Estee Lauder, Biotherm, Clarins, Neutrogena, and Coppertone and each time I find they streak even tho the bottle says it doesn\'t streak. After much trial and error, I find that da only brand I can rely on is RIMMEL SUN SHIMMER which comes in a squeeze bottle. It applies smoothly and doesn\'t turn out orange! It looks naturally tan on da skin! Amazing stuff! Da last time I looked, this product isn\'t available in Vancouver. I bot mine online at Please login or register to view links. The shipping is 3.50GBP for 1 product, 7.00GBP for 2 products, etc. It\'s worth it cuz da product isn\'t available locally. Let me know which product works for you :):dance: :laugh: :p :dance: :laugh:
  7. Katie

    Katie Full Member

    great thanks!

    i tried tanning beds when i was young and stupid. and they never worked. i couldn\'t last more then 5 minutes, because i would just burn. I would have to go for months and months to build a base tan. and now i\'m just too smart for that. One of my old friends works at a tanning salon, and I look at her and it makes me sick. I wouldn\'t be suprised if she gets skin cancer in the next few yers, and shes already looking Leathery, and shes 19. so i would never do that. i dont care THAT much. but it is nice to have some natural colour.
    thanks for the tips
  8. Sales! Sales! Sales!

    Sales! Sales! Sales! Full Member

    2 snaps for instant tan-in-a-bottle! :kiss:
  9. princessice

    princessice Full Member

    tanning beds seem so unsafe, why do people still use them?

    are tanning lotions a better solution? ive wanted to try one, but my friends say that most of them streak, so i never want to try one, since ive never done it before....
  10. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    One girl asked me if I wanted to go to the tanning salon with her, I didn\'t want to and she asked me why. I told her because I didn\'t want to get cancer.. she then screamed at me telling me we\'re all going to die of something and everything gives us cancer. I know her reason. :blink:
  11. Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle

    Fo Shizzle Ma Nizzle Full Member

    its tru u kno. we\'re gonna die of sumthin anyway. look at the stuff dat doctors found out of sum pplz bodies after cleansing. its all the excess toxins dat u couldnt poo out and got stuck inside ur body. this stuff is prolly the stuff dat causes disease in ppl. When u look at the pix remember it isnt poo ur lookin at. its the stuff that remained in the body even after u poo. the stuff that u couldnt get rid of. Here i show u:

    This accumulated material ranged from jelly-like to hard as truck tire rubber; clear to black as tar; fresh to morbidly old; fragments to 3 and 4 foot long ropes, and all with the odor that speaks of very rotten things.

    Notice the mucus lining taking the shape of the bowel, complete with haustrations, striations, strictures, and diverticula. This is truly an amazing phenomenon. Please note that these specimens are not all from the same body, but represent flushings from several individuals






    So after knowin dis u mite as well go tan!

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  12. Friendster

    Friendster Full Member

    It\'s disgusting and grotesque to even imagine that us humans have these excess materials in our body leftover after our bowel movements. I\'m sure these excess waste materials are a cause of disease.
  13. Bright Ideas

    Bright Ideas Full Member

    ok after seeing those pics I think I\'m going to puke :pinch:
  14. mArie

    mArie Full Member

    There's a whole bunch of cleansing drinks you can take that specifically helps clean out your whole system just like the pictures posted above but it's really hard because you have to dirnk an certain amount of water a day for it to work. I was thinking about trying it though cuz apparently, a lot of your weight could be accounted for excess "baggage" that wasn't able to pass through your system.
  15. xneener

    xneener Moderator Staff Member

    I want to tan, but i dont want to go to a tanning salon since my arms are tanned but my legs are white :confused:;;
  16. mArie

    mArie Full Member

    At Sunscape they have a machine to tan your legs only
  17. West Coast Gurlee

    West Coast Gurlee Full Member

    Is that a stand up or lie down machine? Where's Sunscape?
  18. maXedOut

    maXedOut Full Member

    i use the new one from jergens. it's a moisturizer that builds a tan. it really works well on me, i noticed results after one day. i do buy the darker shaded one tho. the only problem with lotion /moisturizing tanners that i found is that it stinks after a couple of hours (so make sure you do it on a day you kown you'll be staying home or i guess before bedtime) and you have to wash your hand after applying it so your hand might be uneven. i do prefer do this then having skin problems like wrinkles at a earlier age. after all atleast it moisturizes your skin at the same time.. hehe
  19. mArie

    mArie Full Member

    For your legs only, it looks like a lie down machine. Here's the link for the picture of the machine and locations

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