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Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by bombshell, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. bombshell

    bombshell Full Member

    So from an inspiration from another thread...

    What are some great things to get at Daiso. And please dont' say everything!

    Maybe it's a product that you tried and really liked it. I am always so iffy to try $2 products, so I never really buy it.

    Sometimes when I go there I seriously buy useless things that I don't even need. The only reason is because it's cheap and cute.

    ie. certain lip stick, a bag of chips they sell, etc...
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  2. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    i go there to get stationary:)you can get cute folders etc..or hangers for your door or wall to put jackets on/ pencils in and i go there to buiy cheap umbrellas since mine always break anyways
  3. bombshell

    bombshell Full Member

    for the stationary i always buy it because it looks cute.. and then i don't use it because it's so cute. so i stopped myself now. also i always think you can get it cheaper at nightmarket (even though i never check for them)

    are their umbrellas good or are they just for a short period of time? i hate carrying long ones because i also hit/poke someone... do these ones brake easily?
  4. sw33tsmil3s

    sw33tsmil3s Elite Member

    the ones i buy are long ones, they're kinda weak
  5. definelove

    definelove Full Member

    lead and cute folders. seriously, daiso lead is the best..
  6. xoxo.juicy

    xoxo.juicy Full Member

    They have awesome giftboxes. (really cute girlie ones, like heartshape etc etc.)
    and fake eyelashes~ really nice ^^

    and they also sell these face washes,
    my fav is the one that you put it on, let it dry, and peel it off
    and all those gross white oil stuff on your nose, etc etc, comes out.
  7. bombshell

    bombshell Full Member

    do you guys trust their makeup there? i want to try their liquid eyeliner....

    one time my friend bought an eyeliner pencil and it didn't work at all. it felt like a pencil crayon and like the ones you buy that the $1 store
  8. eeeva

    eeeva Full Member

    their eyelash curler actually works really well. i buy those folders that have clear pockets. i forget what they're called, but you know those things you put your sheets of paper in to keep them unwrinkly and clean?
  9. bombshell

    bombshell Full Member

    slip covers or something?
  10. jazuresky

    jazuresky Full Member

    don't buy anything that you're gonna put on your face!! I once bought liquid eye liner and it sucked because it was too thick and it was not waterproof or fast drying at all.
    And then I bought blush there cuz i saw a blogger saying it's so good so I thought why not...and later I discovered it made my skin break out SO badly!!!!!!!

    their nail polish is ok. i usually get their clear top coat NP.
    I also buy lunch boxes (better looking than the average lunch cases), organizers like the boxes and containers for stuff, mascara comb, little spray bottles, metal nail files!! (thumbs up), brush cleansers (thumbs up), little notebooks (well designed, there are calendars as well). oh and another must-try is their nose much better than biore.

    here are the "don't buy"s: make-up brushes, socks and things related to shoes (the heel liners and flat socks are plain disappointing)

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  11. babecakes

    babecakes Full Member

    i got this 3-in-1 nail buffer/polisher there, one side is grey and the another side is part pink and part white, it's pretty amazing. i want to try their false eyelashes, they look pretty decent. has everyone tried their false eyelashes yet?
  12. diandian

    diandian Full Member

    those eye patch things are so cool haha
    like i said before, bobby pins
    and stationary
    and falsies
    cups (for drinking...)!! they're so cute :D
  13. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    I love their storage containers; I use them to store my make up in.
    I also buy the eyelid stickers and sometimes false eye lashes from there.
  14. lalalone

    lalalone Full Member

    I also buy the storage containers. I bought a long one that fits my straightener perfectly so now I don't have to take it out and put it away every time I use it. Some of the useful stuff I've got from there are:

    1) storage containers
    2) small compact mirrors
    3) makeup bags
    4) lunch bags
    5) little shampoo bottles and pill boxes for carrying around advil/tylenol at school
    6) wrapping paper and gift boxes
    7) towel for working out
    8) cell phone dangling crap (although that really shouldn't be categorized as 'useful')
    9) bobby pins and combs (I really like their rat-tail combs)
  15. keri

    keri New Member

    Anyone knows where I could find some tools to make bento? like rice/egg molds, nori punch cutter. I'd checked it at Daiso, but it seems doesn't have the tools. I also found similar items on Ebay, but they're pretty expensive and I thought there must be cheaper somewhere else. Thanks.
  16. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Oh and I forgot, their car fresheners are actually pretty good compared to the more expensive ones you can buy at the other store (that sometimes doesn't even work/or are strong enough).
  17. lalalone

    lalalone Full Member

    I wanted to get a car freshener too! But I was scared that the chemicals might be bad to inhale in an enclosed space, so I don't put anything like that in my car.
  18. rukiastar

    rukiastar Full Member

    I like buying their stationary, those hard folders things, and random stuff here and there. Do not buy their skin products! I tried this face mask thing and it totally made my skin break out.

    I also usually buy their umbrellas. They break after a few months but hey it's only a toonie...
  19. chabam_baller

    chabam_baller Full Member

    hahah the potato rings are the best :)
  20. bumbleybumbley

    bumbleybumbley Full Member

    hahaha i'm a fan of their 'cake in a cup':laughing: they usually have them near the checkouts, and they come in 2 flavors... caramel or coffee. All you do is, you pour the mixture into a mug and you beat 1 egg into it. Then you microwave it for 2 minutes, and you'll get this really yummy sponge cake that you can eat right out of the mug. :p

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