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Discussion in 'Jobs' started by DokiDoki, May 5, 2008.

  1. DokiDoki

    DokiDoki New Member

    I have a group interview at Guess in 2 days and this will be my first interview. Does anyone have any experience on what questions they might try to ask and what would be good to wear? (I'm a guy) I really want to get this job, or else I have to go to plan B, and thats American Eagle.
  2. bombshell

    bombshell Full Member

    welcome to mallvibes! it's great to see more males joining...
    i have never worked in retail before, but i have had group interviews. i am pretty sure the point of having a group interview is to see if you are a team player, also if you can take intiative and/or help out when needed. it's about showing that you can work independantly as well with other people (since guess is not a one person show). I don't know what kind of questions they would ask, but they might give you some senarios related to customers, employees stealing, etc... Might list your strengths, and weaknesses. I think you should not dress too casually, because this is an interview. I also think if you have guess clothing you should wear that (or nothing with other namebrands/logo's on it).

    goodluck, and keep us post-dated!
  3. c4dm

    c4dm Elite Member

    My experiences with group interviews are pretty nerve racking. However, just be outgoing, honest and yourself!

    The funny thing is, I had a GUESS group interview at the Richmond Centre location. They usually ask you, why did you choose us? What are your job experiences? What would you do in situation, etc. Lastly, question time. Ask a lot of questions related to the company.

    In addition, wearing their clothing is a plus but not your entire look. Jeans, polo and dress shoes sound preferable.

    Anyways, I hadn't received a call back in a couple of weeks now.

    Good luck on ya! :D

  4. Riko

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    Hey, check out the previous two threads started by c4dm and I on GUESS interview,
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    Their interview tends to be very chilled (group interviews are usually even more chilled). So basically, just be yourself. For group interviews, you have to figure out how to stand out from the crowd in your appearance. An outfit inspired from would definitely do in my opinion. Your style should be more important to them than wearing GUESS.

    Group interviews are usually similar - the interviewer will have a list of behavioral questions such as "How would you deal with a difficult customer", "List an example of excellent customer service" (I swear, those two appear in every fashion retail interview I went) and more. Impress them, do not doubt them or stop smiling if they question the logic of your answer.

    GUESS have been interviewing A LOT in these past two months. So don't be frustrated if you don't receive a call back. But good luck to you! Show them how guys like us roll =P
  5. DokiDoki

    DokiDoki New Member

    Thanks a lot everyone!! Those are some really good advice.

    Just one more question though. In a group interview, is it just one interviewer or are there a couple of people?
  6. Riko

    Riko Full Member

    Usually it's two or three people working in the company. But most of the time, it's only one person conducting the whole process, while the one who makes the decision watches. If there's only one person present, the person will be responsible on reporting his or her thoughts to the one who makes the decision.
  7. DokiDoki

    DokiDoki New Member

    I just got back from my group interview and I have to say I was more nervous when I heard that I got the interview rather than being at the interview.
    I was thinking there would be 3-4 other people there, but it turned out to be 16 other people, thats 17 in total!!!! 5 boys and 12 girls. Hahaha. It was more like a discussion group where you can choose to voice your own opinion or not.
    The only person that interviewed us was the store manager, who was really friendy and approachable.
    She asked questions like, what is your pet peeve, when did u go out of your way to satisfy a customer, what other clothing company do you like other than Guess, why do you want to work here. I think there was 1 or 2 more questions but I can't remember.
    I think I stood out from quite a few people, but there were definitely a few people that really stood out. 17 people, what are my chances, hahaha. :pinch:
    They'll call me for a second interview if they liked me, this time its a single interview.
  8. ko0ty

    ko0ty Elite Member

    Woo that sounds good... I hope you get called back! I find group interviews less intimidating than one-on-ones.

  9. Gia

    Gia New Member

    Thank you, this helps me a lot! I have an interview. what should I wear?
  10. momentai

    momentai Elite Member

    wow this is really old.

    if its a guess interview, wear guess style clothing!!! but dont be as trashy as their models

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