Hapa Izakaya

Discussion in 'Food & Restaurants' started by jadore_dior, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. jadore_dior

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    Hapa Izakaya is drinking, tapas bar with small dishes that are absolutely delicious!! Dishes range from around $10-$12. Izakayas are very popular in Japan and is a great place to meet with friends for a couple of drinks and tapas. Oooo don\'t forget to order the sake served in a hollowed bamboo container. The grilled saba is awesome. It is presented raw and they use a hand held blowtorch to gently sear it to perfection!! Try it!
  2. RichardWilinski

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    Hapa rocks. I\'ve been going there since 2003 and it\'s one of my favorites B)

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  3. lharder

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    OMG!! One of my fave places. I love how they greet you when you come in and leave too.
    The Yellowfin tuna in a teriyaki (I think it is) is great too!
    Have you tried the rice dishes that you cook in the stone bowls too?
    I tried the cold Sake in the bamboo and it was great! I was a little tipsy leaving the place but the atmosphere is great. I love the mood especially with the blacked out windows. Easier to focus on your company then people watch through the windows.
  4. applegummy

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    omg I love hapas!! My friend took us there for her bday in Aug. and I feel in love with this place! I think my fav dish would be the Mentaiko Udon, it's very very unique!
  5. Choco_Cat

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    Hapa used to be one of my favorites but i think the service and food has gone downhill in the last year. Seems like since they've expanded i've noticed the difference.
  6. juicy_luv

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    hapa used to be really good.. they had good service with good food
    but after they changed the menu a bit.. they arent that great
    anymore.. and they dont have good service either..
    i like other izakayas better now.... like guu and shiru-bay on
    mainland street
  7. trendzme

    trendzme New Member

    agreed, hapa used to be better so now i just go over to guu

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