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  1. dFunk

    dFunk New Member

    Hey everyone, i need help buying a suit. Im not sure how many guys are on this site, but what\'s a good store to buy cheaper suits. I have to attend a funeral this weekend, and im on a fairly tight budget. Most ppl seem to suggest moore\'s, are there any alternatives?
  2. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    I\'m a gurl but I do know that if you want a cheap suit, go to international. There are two international stores at metrotown. I hope this helps but that would be the cheapest store I could think of for cheap suits. Perferably the one on the other side of the mall. Oh, and I\'m sorry to hear that you have to attend a funeral this weeken, but im not happy to say that I also have to attend (for the first time) a funeral this weekend=(
  3. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    If you don\'t wanna fork out too much doh for a simple black suit go to Sears. I got a suit there for less than $100. Good microfiber so it wont wrinkle too.
  4. dFunk

    dFunk New Member

    i was told internation was really wasn\'t good quality, but i guess if im buying a cheap suit that\'s what is too be expected, so i\'ll check it. I forgot sears even sold clothes. I\'ll probly just wander around metrotown and find something.

    Im sorry to hear about your situation mimoo. Funeral\'s are scary. The one I\'m attending is gonna be so sad because the person that passed was only 18.
  5. canido

    canido Full Member

    My brothers and cousin gets it at moore..they are supposed to be made from italy, and are cheap? so check out several places before purchasing it.
  6. mimoo

    mimoo Full Member

    me too. He\'s only 18. are yooh attending Y.L?

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