holt renfrew (update: now or never sale on now!!)

Discussion in 'Sales, Coupons & Finds' started by glamourbebe, Dec 11, 2005.

  1. glamourbebe

    glamourbebe Full Member

    does anybody know when they will be having their friends and family sale event? or when they will be giving away gift cards with minimum purchases?

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  2. xsalesjunkiex

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    hi glamourbebe last time holt renfrew had a friends and family was spring 2005... don\'t worry, i\'ll let you and everyone else know when the next friends and family event is!
  3. xsalesjunkiex

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    Holt Renfrew is having its annual Now or Never Sale, staring TODAY!

    Things are marked up to 70% off!

    We can thank fellow member \"Rose\" for the info B)

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  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    no prob glamourbebe! please give us an update and let us know if it is worth going to this sale!
  5. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    thanks for the update..i\'m not sure about the gift cards...

    does anyone know when they\'ll be giving out the gift cards with purchase?
  6. canido

    canido Full Member

    I went to holt Renfrew 2 days ago I believe, and i found it so-so...or maybe it\'s because i can\'t afford to look at stuff more than $200 or because their stuff is more for grown-ups.

    They have a lot of sales on their lacoste line, and they were selling the pink terry clothe Juicy hoodie for $50 (which is a steal). Also the matching pants for almost the same price.

    Their selections of bag are leftovers from boxing day sale, so selectioni s really limited. I saw diesel shoes going for $200, and i have the exact same ones that i got 2 months ago at Nordstorm for $50.

    Their sweet dessert collection (perfume and body sprays) is overpriced too. It costs $50 for a bottle of body spray, I say the exact same one at Sephora for $22.

    I like going their although they have absurb pricing due to the monopoly, staff are all really friend even though I am just a teenager so i really appreciate it. I got puma bags from Holt last year for $25, that was a lucky find. Hope you had better luck than me finding stuff you want there. =)
  7. fro

    fro Full Member

    hey canido...

    do u kno if they had a lot of juicy suits or jus like few..so they wud be gone by now?...

    jus curious dun wana go for no reason!;)

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