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  1. natpell

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    does holt renfrew reallllyyy have god prcies, ive never really been in it, yet im a big time shopper, im just so afraid cause alot of the poeple in it are alot older hen me an di seem like a loser.

    although i cant afford to by things full prics from there, i still wanna go in and try stuff on .

    do they allow u to try things on , like lots of expesive things. ??

    its just seems so highend, liek u have to be realy quiet and mature to go in there.

    but i DO love how classy it is.

    what do u think of holt renfrew

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  2. vaio

    vaio Full Member

    well...if it is not very very expensive. i think they will allow u to try them on...but some of them are locked....and not easy to put them on...:p

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  3. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    Holt Renfrew is a High end Department Store. The items carried in store are luxury items. The prices are more than what the average shoppper will be willing to spend on everyday items.

    I\'d say their main age market starts around 25 when people have established themselves more and have the money to spend on the luxurious items they sell.

    I love Holt Renfrew because I love the high-end boutiques..especially Dior.

    When I used to go into Holt Renfrew when I was younger the sales people would ignore me because of my age, but when they find out you have money to spend they\'ll be all over you.

    When people try on makeup at the counters it usually means that you are interested in making a purchase if it suits you. So don\'t be surpirsed if the sales people get a little annoyed if you don\'t purchase anything.. I know this from my experience working in cosmetic counters.

  4. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    holt renfrew is like neiman marcus in the U.S>they have good prices and you dont necessarily need to go to the designer boutiques to get their clothing or accesories!
  5. goodgirl

    goodgirl New Member

    yeah holt renfrew is pretty good. i love it there
  6. lalala_

    lalala_ Full Member

    Holt Renfrew staff aren't very friendly unless you seem to be wearing clothes that are designer or expensive, if you are..they'll be all over you..
    Their prices are a bit more but my friend's mom is the executive manager there so I get some discounts. =]
  7. shopaholic_goddess

    shopaholic_goddess Full Member

    AGRD! so me and my mom were looking at the gucci bags and the woman incharge of that counter was staring at us the whole time. so after we shopped the whole mall we went back and got this belt and she was like...80percent better!! Smiles...everything- lol..thats really rude.and the next time we look at stuff again she stares AGAIN!!
  8. princessice

    princessice Full Member

    HAHA!!! my commerce prof once went into a high end store with really expensive clothes on that purposely did not match (she wore the outfit to class, and it was really bad) and was totally ignored. she left, and when she went back into the store with an armload of armani shopping bags, the sales people were all over her! LOL
  9. Gurp

    Gurp Full Member

    IT'S SO EXPENSIVE and I always get so scared that I am going to ruin something and have to pay a million dollars for it. :S
  10. tiger16

    tiger16 New Member

    Agreed. Theyre such snobbers if you don't look like you are gonna buy nething. But, I cant help myself, I have to go there every time I shop. They have so much nice clothes and so many designer bags to look at. I'm hooked.
  11. who was the gucci salesgirl? was her name Vivian? Asian girl? Cuz she's my friend lollll. tell meeee so i can tell her this complaint lol.
  12. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Agreed, for some reason in high end stores they seem to be snobs unless you're wearing something expensive
    or something they sell.
    The only reason I used to go to Holts was because of my mom..
    I wouldn't shop there again unless they had something that I absolutley wanted and could not find anywhere else.

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