Horrible Customer service at Aritzia

Discussion in 'Aritzia' started by J'adore Dior, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. J'adore Dior

    J'adore Dior Guest

    My friend had purchased a TNA long down coat with the fur trimmed hood before Christmas from Aritzia at full price. The jacket has magnets on the sleeve and to close the jacket. It would stick to her car, keys, anything metal.

    She noticed that the fur trimming around the hood was all messed up as if someone placed a heavy object on it for a long time.

    She also noticed that her watch (which costed a G!) was always 10-15 mins behind. She went back to the place she had purchased the watch and he replaced the battery for her. The watch was still all wierd. So she took it back again and the guy told her that only a magnet could do something like that.

    That\'s when she realized that it was the jacket that was screwing up her watch. She wore the watch without the jacket and it was fine.

    She told me about it and i heard from other people who had the same jacket that it demagnitized their credit cards or bus passes..ect. I heard about someone purchasing something at a store and near the cash desk was a metal container and she reached for an item in the container and he jacket took the whole container with it!!

    Anyways, so she took it back to the Richmond centre Aritzia and was told by the manager (who by the way looks like a kid!) that they couldn\'t do anything about it.

    That totally pissed her off becuase she paid FULL PRICE for something that had a DEFECT and that wasn\'t THOUGHT OUT when they designed it!!

    Why couldn\'t Aritzia just give her a credit!! How does it harm the company to make 1 exception to a long time customer??
  2. Paris

    Paris Guest

    I also had the same problem with my TNA jacket sticking to anything metal. it\'s SOOO ANNOYING!!! :(
  3. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Wow, that\'s awful! :(

    They really should have better customer service, if they want to keep all their customers!
  4. mz.g

    mz.g Full Member

    hahahah that\'s hilarious. sorry to hear about it. but daang lol.

    warning for me! so instead of a zipper to close the jacket it\'s a magnet?
  5. wingies

    wingies New Member

    i have an LV purse worth 2 grand+ (the white multicolore speedy) and once i bought a skirt from aritzia and the dye stained my bag!! and aritzia wouldn\'t do anything about it..they kept saying they were the middle person cuz the brand wasn\'t TNA or their own brand, and so they placed the blame on someone else and wouldn\'t help me.. pissed me off...
    later on i used some alcohol and got the pink off.. but the alcohol took away some of my white and turned it grey.. >.<
  6. Ruby

    Ruby Full Member

    Aritzia must suck then.... ^_^\" I don\'t get why people rave for it and what not. Hmm sorry about the jacket problems they should give you at least store credit that\'s the right thing to do anyways...
  7. ocheng

    ocheng New Member

    wee... Honestly I am very dispointed in Aritzia too ... the quality of their cloth goes down every year.. especially the material !!! I guess they are trying to use cheaper material buy sell it at a same price !!:sick:

    Also the people who works there always say hi to the people who look \"rich\" ... cuz once I worn my dirty working shoes and they just passed my by like I am invisible !! :S so.... I don\'t go into Aritzia now ... >_<
  8. suzzzz

    suzzzz New Member

    OCheung: I know what you mean, the customer service is absolutely horrible. I went to Aritzia recently to buy a pair of Uggs and the first sales associate that was \"helping\" me never came back and then completely ignored me afterwards but meh whatever, it\'s her lost of comissions.
  9. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    Stuff like this, you have to write to the company headquarters. If store managers can \"handle\" you, then they won\'t change. Explain your situation, which store location and manager you had problems with and you\'ll most likely get better results this way.

    I\'ll give you an example, in hopes to encourage the writing:

    A friend had bought a pair of very expensive jeans at The Bay department store. She decided not to wear her purchase until after she\'s come back from her year long trip around the world. When she comes back to Vancouver, she remembers her brand new jeans and wants to wear them out. She pulls them on and they ripped apart along the seams (no, not because she was too big for them :p ) She was so upset, because these were a pair of Parasucos that had cost her over $100. She went back to the Bay (with her receipt) and explained what happened, that it was definitely a defect in the jeans and just wants to swap with a new pair. The employees tell her that it\'s been a year and there\'s nothing they can do about it. She was so upset with the whole situation, she wrote to the company headquarters about it. Few weeks later, she received an apology letter, full store credit for the jeans and a bit more.

    Write to the headquarters!
  10. Quacks

    Quacks Full Member

    The jacket has always been like that really. I bought one when they first had it with magnetic buttons and I had to get my debit cards replaced 3x; after the third time I just gave up and never placed my cards in my pockets.

    ^ I must say the Bay\'s service is much worse than anything I\'ve recieved from Aritzia. They once didn\'t want to take back a BRAND NEW Lancome blush that I bought only 2 days ago because it had some fingerprint marks on the black case (everything was in pristine condition, I only took it out to take a look).
  11. r96

    r96 Full Member

    J\'adore Dior wrote:
    From what I read, there\'s nothing wrong with the jacket, so I would support the store for not giving credit/refund for your friend.
    The magnet causing trouble is basic science.
  12. anonymouslee

    anonymouslee Full Member

    I myself own that jacket and i find the same problem with it..its fraustrating..but u cant blame aritzia for it..thats jus how the style is..but one thing that u can for sure hate about aritzia is their service. Their service totally sucks...If you walk into aritzia without wearing something thats *expensive or brand-named* they give u looks or just ignore you...most of the workers there are just teenagers that thinks they can give attitude to whoever they want..but there are SOME that are *nice* and actually cares about you..Aritzia\'s styles are starting to piss me off...they either repeat the same styles or they create something that I personally think, looks *hippyish* ..i used to love aritzia and had always bought their stuff..but their styles just gets boring after a while...so the jacket is prob the last item that i will buy there.
  13. jmw1

    jmw1 Full Member

    I love the hippy clothing. That\'s what\'s in style right now!
    I went to aritzia yesterday and there was a very helpful nice girl helping me out but the girl at the cash register was horrible. She was the least friendly person ever and in a grumpy mood. I didnt really appreciate it
  14. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    The next time anyone experiences a grumpy annoying salesperson at Aritzia, simply say to that person \"You know, smiling won\'t kill you.\" That should embarass the sh*t outta them
  15. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    Maybe the salespeople at Aritzia are always grumpy-looking because they only get paid minimum wage. haha! :whistle:
  16. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    Ok, if we\'re talking minimum wage here, almost all stores that deal with retail in some ways pay minimum wage, and if they don\'t they only pay .25-.50 cents more an hour.
    So if that\'s the excuse, then everyone who works for minimum wage should have that excuse for treating people like crap.
  17. hdang

    hdang New Member

    Aritzia sucks..their style reeks and and they have teh worst customer service ever. i would rather wear a rag than aritzia clothes. aritzia clothes make me sick. :sick:
  18. aznstarbabee

    aznstarbabee New Member

    Quacks wrote:
    I actually think it\'s okay for them to not take it back. It\'s cosmetics, even if you didn\'t use it and it\'s new, that is probably not the case for all the cosmetics that people may try to refund or exchange. unless the product is unopened, and has no signs of usage, then refunds or exchanges should be accepted. It\'s like how you can\'t bring back underwear to stores..

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  19. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    Scraping by on a lowly minimum wage is definitely not a good excuse to treat customers with disrespect :pinch:

    OK, when you walk into any Aritzia store, who do you see working there? They\'re all young uns! We all know that young uns have a chip on their shoulders...going through teen angst & puberty and all lol. Seriously though, every disgruntled customer should contact Aritzia Support Office to voice their concerns to resolve this ongoing issue:

    Aritzia Clothing - Support Office
    611 Alexander Street, Vancouver, BC V6A1E1
    (604) 251-3132

  20. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    No, making minimum wage is ABSOLUTELY no excuse to treat other people like crap. You actually think that if those employees were to go into another store and get treated the same way that they treat customers, that they would not say anything? No, trust me they\'d be pissed too.

    I know that when I work in retail you treat customers politely and professionally. No ifs, ands, or buts, about it.

    But ya, if you have a complaint, i would first speak to the store manager, and if you don\'t feel comfortable with that, then go to head office. Trust me, when it filters down to the person who you are dealing with they will often get a \"speaking\" to.

    The most important thing if you are going to call about a complaint, make sure to get the employees name that you are complaining about.......the effect isn\'t as good when you\'re simply saying: \"the girl with short dark hair\"

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