horrible customer service at sportchek downtown!

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by taremi, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    sportchek really screwed me over!!

    i recently found a really nice snowboard jacket for really cheap at the sportchek downtown.
    but it was a size too big, so one of the sales associates offered to check if there was a size small somewhere in vancouver, and he told me that there was one in chilliwack.
    i put down my contact, and the sales associate told me that they would notify me when it arrives from chilliwack, probably in a week.
    so i wait and wait, and its already been a week and no call.
    i call in to sportchek and they tell me that it may take up to two weeks.
    i call up again in a few days- still the jacket\'s not there.
    i call up again when it hits the two weeks- still no jacket.
    the sales associate in charge of shipping tells me that there is a record of chilliwack recieveing the request for a transfer, but there is no paper work that says the jacket ever arrived in vancouver, and PLUS they tell me that the jacket could have been mistakingly put out in the store!!!!!
    how does someone mistakingly put a jacket that came in as a transfer back onto the rack in the store?!!?
    that means they would have had to dileberately rip off whatever paperwork that was attached to the jacket and put it on the rack in the store.
    if someone at sportchek had told me that the jacket may have been put back in the store when i called the second time, then they could have caught it before someone else bought it!!!!
    but no one bothered to check for me.
    i asked them to see if any other stores still have a small in that jacket anf if they could do another transfer for me, but the lazy shipping sales associate told me that could only do that on monday (i called in on friday).
    so lazy that they don\'t even bother calling for me, and saturday and sunday are usually when people go out to shop so obviously jackets are going to be sold!
    i can\'t believe how they treat their customers!!

    should i be complaining to the manager/headquarters or something??

    i am so angry with sportchek!!!!!!!!!
  2. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member


    i would totally take it to the head office. Try emailing them.:huh:
  3. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    I would say in that case it would be better to call instead of email. Remember, with email they could easily say that the email didn\'t go through. If you get an actual person on the phone it is better b/c it is a human and not a computer you are fighting with.
    Plus with the phone it could get dealt with faster than if it is through waiting for a response from an email
  4. xsalesjunkiex

    xsalesjunkiex Full Member

    hi taremi..

    i\'m really sorry to hear that... maybe the jacket was put out on the floor due to employee error, or perhaps it was just the result of poor communication.

    in any case, i agree with babyblues and jadore_dior that you should take this up with head office.

    i know you\'re really angry right now, but try calling them on monday and explaining the exact situation. one of the great tests of a retail store/chain is how well they deal with difficult situations and customer complaints.

    if they really care about their customers, then they will take your situation seriously, and i\'m sure something can be done..

    i hope that helps :lol: good luck with this and please let us know what happens with your situation.. otherwise, if you end up getting a jacket elsewhere, make sure you head up to whistler soon! I literally just got back from whistler and the conditions were amazing.. about 50 cm of fresh powder and sunny skies.. best conditions so far this season B)

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  5. Babyblues

    Babyblues Full Member

    I completely agree with Ryan, wait until monday to call them. And if it is a good company who does value their customers then they will listen to your complaint genuinely.

    I\'ve worked in customer service for 10 years and the best thing is to approach the situation with managment in a calm manner and get it through that way. remember, you get more flies with honey than water (didn\'t wanna swear on here with the real wording ;) )

    Whenever a customer comes to me swearing and throwing up a storm and harassing me, i have to admit that i am more reluctant to truly listen to that customer. But if the customer comes to me genuinely upset and explains to me what occured i will listen to them and in turn try and rectify the situation so that both parties are satisfied.

    But ya, just call them on monday and calmly speak to them. Tell them your situation and explain how you waited for the jacket and waited for their call patently and then explain the situation. Did you get the name of the associate who you dealt with?? Usually that is also good, especially the one who you first dealt with, and the one who gave you a hassle.

    But good luck!
  6. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    thank you everyone for your kind comments and advise!
    i am definitely going to take it up with the head office!
    i hope i can still find the jacket somewhere (>.<)
    i really want to go snowboarding next week because i have school off!!!

    i will report back when things happen!
  7. taremi

    taremi Full Member

    hi everybody!

    so i got a call from sportchek this morning, and they told me they have located another jacket in pitt meadows.
    the shipping sales associate told me that it would be in by this afternoon because they got it shipped express, which was very kind of them!
    i have it on hold for a few days- i hope it is there when i can go pick it up on thursday!!

    thank you everyone for your advice :)
    i guess i was just really upset, and i\'ve gained a bit more respect back for sportchek.
  8. Adri

    Adri Full Member

    This is kind of late but, wow. I work at Sportchek (not the downtown location) and that is horrible! The first thing a shipping associate (at least ours) does when they recieve a transfer is to immediately call the person it belongs to. I would say that even if you got your jacket, still notify customer service or head office and let them know because that is just unacceptable.

    Also, bad customer service will be had at the strawberry hill location. I advice all not to go there.
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