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Discussion in 'Jobs' started by Rachel, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Rachel

    Rachel Full Member

    I\'m sure we\'ve all had them.

    Mine was during the summer, I got hired over the phone by a certain coffeeshop on Granville Island. It was so sketched how she hired me, but I figured she was busy.

    I worked the three days following the phone call, she had nothing but praise for me. It was a bit strange to just start work like that, but a job is a job. She was really happy with how I worked and offered me a permanant position for Friday and Saturday.

    She asked me to work the following weekend; Thursday, Friday, Sat and Sun. I told her that I can\'t work Sat or Sunday because I had prior arrangements. I had an important family gathering to go to. She said she understood, she doesn\'t know if she can ask the girl who was leaving to work for me (there is only 3 people working at this place.)

    I wanted to make sure it was okay with her, so I asked after my second day of work and my third.

    Two days after my third, she asked another employee to leave a phone message to fire me. I was so upset. I walked over to talk to her in person, get my cheque and ask her what\'s going on.

    As soon as I brought it up, why I was fired by another new employee and why she said it was okay that I don\'t work the two days, she rips me apart. Yells at me, telling me I\'m letting the team down, how I\'m screwing everyone else, how I\'ll be disappointed for the rest of my life, that she has two sons and I must have been raised wrong. I left there crying my eyes out because everything I tried to fight back, she pulled something else out to pin the blame on me.

    Sorry for the longwindedness of the story!
  2. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member


    That\'s so horrible how she got a new employee to leave a message to fire you. If she had a problem with your availablilty she should have at least talked to you first. did you have a probation period? Most jobs do.. where you are on probation for 3 months and if at anytime they want to let you go they can.. and if for any reason you want to leave you can without giving notice.

    So if you weren\'t on probation then you can probably sue her for \"wrongful dissmisal\". She didn\'t really have a valid reason for firing you if you were not on probation.

    Still, i think she should have talked to you and told you if she had a problem with your availability. I would never fire anyone like that without talking to them first.

    =) Don\'t worry.. just be glad you didn\'t put years into working there and then this happened.. There\'s tons of jobs out there with better bosses to treat you better than this
  3. RichardWilinski

    RichardWilinski Full Member

    So sorry to hear about your situation, Rachel :( That nasty employer should get reprimanded for her foul conduct. As far as I know, there is no reason you should have been fired because there was no \"just cause\" for your dismissal.

    It is highly recommended that you contact Labour Relations. They handle cases like yours. A friend of mine got laid off from his job a few years ago without prior notice. So he contacted the Labour Relations Board and explained his situation. He ended up getting 2 weeks worth of paid wages because the employer was supposed to give prior notice and he failed to do so. Please see below for the contact info. Don\'t be shy to give them a call because you might even get something out of it. You have nothing to lose afterall ;)

    The British Columbia Labour Relations Board is located in Vancouver at:

    Oceanic Plaza
    1066 West Hastings Street, Suite 600
    Vancouver, BC V6E 3X1
    Telephone: (604) 660-1300
    Fax: (604) 660-1892

    Office hours: 8:30-4:30, Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

    Hope you benefit from my info :)

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  4. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    sorry to hear what happened, but i think you should definetly report this situation to the labour relations... just so this doesn't happen to anyone else that might consider working there
    but just out of curiosity, did you work for an asian boss?
    i mean i work for an asian place... they are nice people, but they kinda take advantage of people. I mean who on earth just lets anyone "volunteer" at their store? and they make them "volunteer" at the busiest time (i.e boxing day)... and they don't have schedule breaks.... i work a straight 8 hour shift... all i get is a chance to go out for a 5mins to grab something small to eat... just many things about them are quite shady.... but hopefully you'll get to find a better job soon =)
  5. maryshrimp

    maryshrimp Full Member

    I worked 12hrs -11.5hrs with my 30min unpaid break, which I didn't even get a chance to really take, all we did was eat while on the job. and I didn't get paid overtime. yep thats 3.5 hrs of overtime! so I emailed them and everything, and I finally got my cheque.

    It was Boxing Day... so I'll give them slack about the break, but pay me properly! it was so bloody hot in that darn little Metro store!

    Thats ARITZIA for you. :angry:
  6. jjgirl

    jjgirl Full Member


    That's so awful! Did they ever pay you the overtime? According to labour relations, I believe you are entitled to a 30 min unpaid (lunch) break and at least 2 15 min. paid breaks. You should also be getting a minimum of 1.5x for all hours over 8 I believe. Check with Labour relations.
  7. maryshrimp

    maryshrimp Full Member

    I did get my overtime pay until after I told them. They paid me the normal rate for the hours I worked but didn't pay me overtime. Talk about being cheap! -__-"

    I guess they thought that the paid food (which was starbucks for breakfast, sushi for lunch, and bbq ribs and stuff for dinner, and lots of cold drinks in the cooler) would make us feel better about the no offical breaks. Boxing Day was just CRAZY though, so I SORT of understand. haha
  8. swindle

    swindle Full Member

    rachel, that's horrible. you definately should fight back!!!

    I have a similar experience to another poster here, except instead of not getting paid overtime, I didn't get paid at all. that's right, a retail store that I work at, ripped me off at least 13 hours. on top of that, they have also not given me breaks at times, even though I shoul dhave gotten one. so then I tried to quit, but they keep playing all these tricks to keep me working there.

    I already wrote them a note about my lost hours, and they didn't even respond or talk about it. and I feel weird bringing it up...seeing as I quit....
  9. Mande

    Mande New Member

    I worked in a retail store and they did not give me any breaks at all
    and paid me monthly.
  10. shoppingqueen

    shoppingqueen Full Member

    that sucks.u shouldn't started workin for them at the first place. fidn a palce closer.
  11. swindle

    swindle Full Member

    mande, how can they not even pay you? for me, it was always missing hours (usually an entire week's worth) of pay. and they just say they'll check in on it....but never got back to me. on top of that, the work was horrible, the customers were horrible, everything was horrible except some of my coworkers. I hate retail!!
  12. sesamerolls

    sesamerolls Full Member

    yes! a lot of ppl got ripped off, that's b/c they think we don't know the rules. Don't be shy :sick: , i know that some ppl try to avoid to loose their job and stay quiet, but you know what? they are NOT allow to fire you just b/c of that. if they do they have broke the employment equity law and you can sue them for that.
  13. XcessiVe

    XcessiVe Full Member

    Well you should take responsibility and speak to them about that. Why would anyone take such abuse from an employer is mystery to me.:blink: :wassat:
  14. zukushiba

    zukushiba Full Member

    you should be happy tat u only worked there for 3 days! HOW DID THE OTHER EMPLOYEES BEAR THESE KIND OF BOSS?? itz her problem not yours! i doubt her business will last long!
  15. Gurp

    Gurp Full Member

    You should give her bad feedback to like costumer service.
  16. 604Jase

    604Jase Full Member

    Swindle, you just got swindled.
    Pardon the pun.
  17. jxp604

    jxp604 New Member

    wooow... that is just OUTRAGEOUS! Are employers allowed to do that at all?

    Anyways, i feel for you rachel
  18. ceetee

    ceetee Full Member

    :) its okay hope you felt better about it
  19. Mafi

    Mafi New Member

    that is horrible glad i didnt go through that

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