Horrible Quality of Clothing at Aritzia

Discussion in 'Aritzia' started by jadore_dior, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. jadore_dior

    jadore_dior Full Member

    My friend recently purchased a Long Jacket at Aritzia. It\'s brown with a faux-fur hood with beige lining.

    She wore it in the rain once and the dye they used seeped through to the lining and stained a cashmere sweater she had just bought at Banana Republic. So basically the dye they use is super cheap.

    She paid over $300 for this jacket. She took it back and the girls said that nothing can be done. No refund, exchange or appology. She e-mailed Aritzia\'s head office and no one ever had replied.

    Not only did the color bleed off.. but it ruined her clothes. Now she cannot wear it at all becuase she\'s scarred it will ruin anything else she wears underneath it.

    How can Aritzia sell cheaply made items for an over-priced amount and not be held responsible when their items come back to them due to poor qualily issues??

    This is the 2nd jacket she\'s purchased from Aritzia that she\' had problems with.

    The first one was a short black fur trimmed jacket with a zipper. The flaps in the front were held down by magnets which demagnitized anything she put in her pocket..ie credit cards, bus tickets.ect.
    It screwed up her Gucci Watch becuase the force from the magnets made the time go funny.. like it would stop everytime she wore the jacket. It would get stuck to her car becuase of the magnetic closure and it would get dirty.

    She also complained about the first jacket and AGAIN... they were not willing to do anything about it.

    I myself will NEVER shop at ARitzia again. this is just my opinion. I can\'t stand their customer service, quality of clothing, and so called style. If I want high-end quality service and high-end quality products... I\'ll shop at Holt Renfrew.
  2. kaori

    kaori Full Member

    OMG... I feel so sorry for your friend. I don\'t know how they can expect us to pay hundreds of dollars for their clothes when the quality is horrible (not to mention the service) I like shopping where I know that if there is something defective with the item then I can bring it back. I used to be a regular shopper at Artzia but now I just don\'t find their clothing stylish anymore. It\'s all the same TNA sweatpants. I guess they\'re never gonna change it because that\'s what people like to wear in Vancouver.

    I would definately complain to head office. Don\'t just e-mail.. but Call them and talk to someone. This is not right...once is bad enough but 2 times??!!
  3. Quacks

    Quacks Full Member

    That\'s horrible! Can she try to wash it so that any excess dye comes off?

    I have the same short black jacket your friend does and it demagnetized my debit card and the magnet broke too. I talked to the manager at Metro and he was really nice about it but still said there isn\'t much he could do.

    Which one did she go to complain? Oakridge is horrible; my fall jacket had a missing button and there weren\'t any supplied to me so I went back asking for an exchange. At first the girl said I could get a price adjustment since it was damaged, she offered me $2. Lol, what a joke.
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  4. tjeng

    tjeng Full Member

    OMG I feel so sorry for you friend, but if i were her i would talk to the head office for sure. NOt just e-mail, but phone and complain.. I\'d probably be polite at first, but if they gave me attitude and didn\'t give me good service, then I wouldn\'t be so nice...lol

    Honestly my friend had a job there and she absolutely hated it because of the competitive atmosphere. She told me that it was so stressful because all the girls were not friendly towards each other since a lot of them wanted commision, thereby seeing other employees as their competition. So then she quit. Personally I never ever shop there because quite frankly I don\'t see the point of paying that much money for the things that are not unique. I could get something similar at a way reasonable price range. I don\'t know, maybe cuz i\'m a student who needs to save money etc but i just don\'t really see the point.
  5. SH0PAH0L1C

    SH0PAH0L1C New Member

    thats horrible... i always thought aritzia clothing had good quality...now i'll think twice before i buy something there
  6. xoxoChocolate

    xoxoChocolate Full Member

    that really sucks. i always thought that the $300 jackets aren't really worth it. my opionin.
  7. CANDY

    CANDY Moderator Staff Member

    yeah i dont think $300 is worth it. i brought a tna jacket for $200 and its not even warm. well it is warm but just not during the time its snowing.
  8. pandalover

    pandalover Ultimate Deal Queen

    Yea I totally agree with you guys too. When I was shopping for a nice, warm winter jacket, I was comparing tna's and North Face. They are almost the same price. So of course I decided to get the North Face. I'm glad I made the right decision.
  9. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    i dont like the talula jackets anymore, its only 250 and they're so heavy. at first i loved mine, but after looking to buy the north face black version with fur it was so much better then the talula ones. they're just so heavy!

    and when your friends jacket got ruined.. has she washed it before? maybe its because you need to wash it and THEN it wont get ruined? a lot of clothes are like that. its kind of the asme thing as first washing a tshirt, the ink but spill.
  10. honeyxo

    honeyxo Full Member

    I have the short TNA winter parka too..with the fur trim. I find it to be incredibly heavy though! Does anyone else have this problem? Also, it got dirty quite easily (I know it's canvas and all...but still). After I got it, I kinda regretted buying it...because it was like $225 and it wasn't bomber or anything, and it's not even that thick...the "fur" on the inside just MAKES it seem warm.

    I also agree with the magnet tab things, they stick to everywhere! Sometimes when I walk through doors, my jacket sticks to it and it's kinda embarrassing:blush:

    Also, what's the de-magnetizing issues that everyone is having with their keys and stuff? I don't really undersatnd :unsure lol so if someone could explain to me what that is...that would be really great!:laughing: I put my keys in there all last Winter though ..and it seemed fine? I don't know though lol.
  11. Quacks

    Quacks Full Member

    Yeah they're super heavy, I remember wearing mine to the mall and I had to carry it around as it got too hot to wear it inside; what a drag.

    Your debit/credit cards have a magnetic strip on the back and when it comes into contact w/ the magnetic snaps that the pockets have, it demagnitizes it and will no long work when swiped.
  12. honeyxo

    honeyxo Full Member

    I wonder what the TNA jackets are made out of, they DO weigh a ton! Especially in the Winter, I put my keys, coins, iPod, mitts everything into my jacket so it becomes even heavier!:blink: lol

    Ohh thanks for telling me about the debit/credit card thing, I never knew about that! That must suck if you carry your wallet around in your jacket too! But I never carry around my debit card anyways so I guess it doesn't really matter lol. How about de-magnetizing keys? I think someone posted something about that..I never knew keys were "magnetized" lol. Do they affect them in any way? Cause I carried my keys in my coat pocket all last winter!:dizzy:
  13. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    okay for me i love their hoodies...
    i bought one 3 years ago, and it's still in awesome shape. And i always throw it into the washer/dryer.. and the iron one stuff is still on after all this time.
    but i just recently bought a talula tee, and after one wash there was a mini hole! and i checked the shirt b4 i bought it.... soo i was kinda choked...
  14. Quacks

    Quacks Full Member

    The hoodies from 3+ years ago were awesome. Mine never pills and it still looks as good today as it did 3 years ago (I bought beige and white) but the newer french terry ones are already pilling and getting thinner with washing and ironing (my mom insists I iron everything).

    That happened to a pink sheer AE tee of mine, the girl at the cash register just told me to apply a dab of clear nailpolish on the hole to prevent it from getting any bigger.
  15. brown_princess88

    brown_princess88 New Member

    I can't believe that happened! The quality of clothing these days is getting worse and worse. You have to watch what you buy even if your spending so much money on your clothes. With spending that much money I would never think about whether it's going to go bad or whether it's going to turn different colors when you wash it.
  16. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    It's kind of weird because they are quite pricey.
    I was looking at a sweater today and it was 65 dollars.
    It was a long hoodie (zip up)
    And I must say the quality was crap but some how
    I walked into Urban Planet and they had the exact same hoodie for 24 and the fabric was amazing.
    It was like butter.
    And it cost a lot less as well.
    For some reason I'm finding the more I pay for clothes the less the last.
    The less I pay for clothes the more they last.
    It's kind of weird.
  17. BlusH*

    BlusH* Elite Member

    yah i got a couple of hoddies from B.B Blue, it's pretty good, but at least i'm getting the style just like the ones from aritzia, but half the price!
  18. ritika

    ritika Mallvibes Member

    Yeah!! It's awesome
    Sometimes It feels kind of pointless buying really expensive clothes.
  19. tapthatass

    tapthatass Full Member

    i hate the talula vests/jackets cuase they're soo heavy! even though i own them, they do look nice but they're so heavy!
  20. cloudS

    cloudS Full Member

    I bought the Talula parka last year and I find it very heavy too! When I'm shopping and get too warm I usually unzip the zipper because it is annoying having to carry it everywhere especially when I'm looking around for clothes.

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