how can i make my uniform cool ???

Discussion in 'Apparel & Shopping' started by natpell, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. natpell

    natpell Full Member

    help me help m e!!!!!

    i need some i deas to make uniforms cool , fun cute and original

    caus ei hate wearing uniforms

    and i love perppy style but fun preppy!!!
  2. fro

    fro Full Member

    question is...what do u mean by skool uniforms that u wana \"fancy\" up?
  3. pattypus

    pattypus Full Member

    Well, I guess you could cut them, to make the shirts into tank tops, if you\'re aloud. ;)
  4. fefe

    fefe Full Member

    you can always add ur own accesories, bracelets, necklaces, earings, and hairstyles and makeup if your school allows it. :side:

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